Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Domestic Diva

Well so far, this blog is more about produce than it is about quilts. But that is what is consuming my quilting time at the moment.

I did it. I actually made grape juice! From my neighbor's organic grapes. I made 11 quarts - which doesn't seem like as much as it should considering how long I had that juicer going - but I am still proud of it. I think there would have been 12 quarts, but we drank a lot right out of the juicer.



After: Ta-dah! It really wasn't hard at all. My only recommendation - don't let the plastic tube fall on the stove burner and melt 4 inches of it while at the same time filling your kitchen with toxic smoke. Especially when the juicer belongs to your kind neighbor. Argh. I'm so stupid. Fortunately I could just cut-off the plastic part that was melted and re-attach the end valve, but now the tubing is 4 inches shorter. I did confess to my neighbor and she is an understanding soul. She had done the same thing to her mother's juicer. Phew.And in other culinary experiments I tried roasting cherry tomatos for the first time. And they were GOOD! And it was so easy. Here is a great explanation.I think I am going to go make some more right now.

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Jen said...

Nothing is better than homemade grape juice! My mom always made it and I have always wanted to do it. Way to go!