The fruits of someone else’s labor

I can take no credit whatsover for this produce. Isn’t it gorgeous?? The apples came from a tree in our backyard. A tree I have largely ignored for the 4 years we have lived here. And this year it produced gorgeous, delicious fruit. I think it’s pretty just sitting in the bowl! (If only I had Martha Stewart’s photographers and lighting technicians to catch the true beauty.)

Then: A neighbor gave us tons of grapes from their yard. They’d been eating grapes for the past 2 months and didn’t want anymore. So they let us pick 4 BIG bowls full. I am going to attempt to make grape juice. Last fall I overheard a lady talking about how she makes a year’s supply of grape juice every fall, and I thought, “Oh, I would never do something that domestic.” Then this fall I saw how E-A-S-Y it was and I think I may actually be capable of doing it. Monday is the day. We will see. . .

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