Fruits (or vegtables) of our labors

This was our best vegetable harvest in the past few years. And I take great pleasure and pride in it. I finally realized that I am officially a tomato-snob. I can no longer eat grocery store tomatoes. They literally make me gag. But home-grown ones are heaven!! So for the past few summers I’ve tried, with not so successful results, to home-grow some. Mainly because I had nursing babies or really little ones whose audible cries were more critical than the non-audible cries of the tomato plants (who were probably crying none-the-less.) Well, this year I tried our plants in a new sunny spot, actually remembered to water them, and: VOILA! Deliciouso. The little ones are Sweet Hundreds. SO GOOD!

And here are our cute little white mini-pumpkins. I love white pumpkins and I love mini-pumpkins and I can’t believe I grew my own hybrid!! Thank you Gregor Mendel. Amazing! (This was not the original plan, but by the time I got myself down to the nursery most of the plants for the regular, larger, orange pumpkins were gone. But they had these ones so we gave them a whirl. Yea!)

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