Modern kids with farm animals or more poetically: “Ode to Peas and Carrots”

We had our fall break from school this past weekend. Not much sewing accomplished, but we had some fun outings. Including a working farm. A new place for my kids to visit and the best part: it was FREE! Second best part: it was a perfect fall day. So here is our ode to the Peas and Carrots quilt below.

A very old, and well used, looking tractor.
Unfortunately the pictures of the 10-day-old pigs did not turn out well. Wow. They were cute. I could totally see why Fern wanted to keep Wilbur. The baby pigs’ mother: not as cute.Not entirely sure what this is -probably some kind of tractor implement – but it looked pretty cool (and possibly dangerous.)Another tractor. Couldn’t get enough of them! Even vintage tractors look pretty charming.


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