Reproduction fabric

Okay. I am finally writing a post about quilting. I love lots of quilts, but I especially love OLD quilts. They are my favorite. So scrappy – not because the maker thought it would be ‘cute’ but because she was using what she had! And yet the artistry in so many old quilts is amazing. This is how I gained my LOVE reproduction fabric! I have collected a few old quilts, but I’m pretty careful with them because they’re so fragile. So I love to make new ‘old’ quilts. And there is so much great fabric out there right now to create that look. One of my current favorite designers right now is American Jane for Moda.This was a quilt made last summer with her Peas and Carrots line. I wasn’t necessarily making it for myself – mainly as a sample quilt for the quilt store where I work. But when I was finished I fell in love. So I made another one for myself. I love the blue gingham that sets off the blocks. And I love even MORE the scrappy patchwork fabrics that go with it. So 1940’s vintage-farmhousey-looking.And in other good news I discovered a fabulous website this week: ReproDepot Fabrics. How did I not know about this before? Well, actually it’s probably best that I didn’t. It’s a dangerous place. And, as is the case with every fabric store, they already sold out of the fabric I loved most the very day I decided to go back and buy it. If you want the Peas and Carrots panel of the cute kids playing with farm animals, they still have it here. But if you fall in love with it, get it soon as it will probably be gone when you go back.


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