Glad to be an American

Did you vote? I can’t remember an election where there was so much tangible excitement. It was fun to be at our local elementary school, sharing a fundamental American right with my fellow voters. And even though we were all voting for different people and purposes, it was nice share that moment with my fellow Americans.

I have a dear, sweet friend in another country who is going through a horrible ordeal of being maliciously accused of something she didn’t do, and further persecuted because of her faith. I am always blown away when I talk to her because what she is going through could not happen in this country. And it’s not like she lives in a communist or dictatorial country! She is basically treated as “Guilty until proven innocent.” Knowing of this ordeal has made me feel even more grateful for the rights and freedoms we have protected here. We may not always agree with each other’s political or religious views, but most of us will gratefully defend our fellow-citizens’ rights to hold those views. God bless America.

(Not really sure what the problem was with the Halloween pictures on the previous post! I think we’re now good to go.)


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    Absolutely love this American flag quilt!<BR/>I know what you mean about our right to vote. What a great country we live in!! Even when we don’t agree, we can respect each other’s decision.<BR/>GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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