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One of my favorite quilts. And probably the quilt I invested the most time in. And money – I scrimped and saved so I could take it to get professionally quilted. I made it 8 years ago while I was pregnant with my second baby. (Hence the reason I haven’t made anything like it since!) The colors are starting to look at little 1999-ish, but I still love it for fall. Maybe I’ll make a new one in a few year with updated colors.
So we have this weird landing in our house that isn’t really good for anything – except hanging something really big on the wall. Perfect for quilts!

This afternoon while I was in the middle of settling our 2-year-old for his nap, his brother, who is four, came in the room. I quickly shoo-ed him out and promised to read books with him next. When I walked out I found him tracing the quilting with a BLACK CRAYON! ??!!!?!?!?!? I was totally baffled when I saw him – he’s never done anything like this before! (I guess I should count myself lucky I’ve never had this problem before instead of wondering why he suddenly picked now to start.) At least he picked one of the darker fabrics to embellish.
Anyone know how to get crayon out of a quilt?

And in news that actually is helpful, the talented Camile Roskelly has an incredible give-away going on at her blog right now. She and her mom recently designed their first fabric line for Moda: Cotton Blossom. It is beautiful. I already bought some. :)
And look at this new pattern she designed. I think it looks so fun! Go read her blog. It’s lovely too.


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    I think my mom gave me a magazine with that pattern in it, and I love it. In fact, I think we were talking about it the other day! I may have to make one now that I have seen it "in person". I love that fabric line too! Very cute!

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    Your quilt was on pinterest and captured my eye! It is a wonderful quilt and you did an amazing job. I don&#39;t think I would have ever attempted it with all the points. Of of the comments posted mentioned it was in a magazine. Do you remember which one? I really like it!<br /><br />Ann

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