Fabric Bonanza!

So I was really sick yesterday. I’ve been fighting a gross cold for a while now and then I got the 24 hour stomach flu on top of it. Yuck! (I think I caught it from the kid on Lera’s blog.) So while I was lying on the couch yesterday afternoon, watching yet another show on PBS with the kids, I persuaded my daughter to go get the mail. And frabjous day, look what came! Another order of Japanese fabric, this time from Sweetflavor on etsy. They even exceeded my expectations in terms of absolute cuteness. (If only I could just hop a plane to Japan and buy yards of this stuff!)

Here are a couple close-ups. Look at those cute, little smiling rockets and helicopters!

But speaking of yards of fabric, check-out this haul!! Monday I was at the mall, doing some Christmas shopping, minding my own business, when I popped in a book store that also sells some yardage. I always check because they often put good stuff on sale for 30-50% off. Then I saw this!!! American Jane fabric at a steal. And lets just say I got it for less that if I’d bought it from Moda itself. (I won’t tell you exactly how much, or you might start to hate me.) Which is why I bought so much! Like, I have never bought a whole bolt of fabric before.I may even stop back there today after taking the kids to the dentist to see if anything is left.
And yes, I am feeling much better. Although my husband keeps laughing whenever I talk because I sound like Marge Simpson.


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    I love the fabric with the little deer and trees. very cute!<BR/>you’re going back to see if they have more!!?? I think you may have bought all of it already! ha ha<BR/>hope you feel better soon, Marge!

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    Laurie, you really are Wheatabix Potter! I want to read those hedgehog adventures.<BR/><BR/>Lisa, you’re right. I probably did already buy it all. :) (I’m normally not like this!)

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