Merry Christmas

I adore this picture – my mom visiting Santa in San Francisco over 50 years ago.

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday! Lot’s of snow here, but sometimes it’s fun to be snowed in for Christmas. Makes it feel cozy.

One bit of happy sadness at our house, my Grandfather died one day before his 100th Christmas. Sad because we love him so much. Happy because he’s free from his worn-out body and he got to be with Grandma for Christmas!

I plan to return to the regularly scheduled blogging sometime next week after more family and funeral time.

In the mean time, have yourself a Happy little Boxing Day.


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    Sorry for the loss in your family but happy for the addition to Heaven’s family. It is a sad sweetness isn’t it? That’s how we felt when my Grandma went to be with Jesus.

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