Some other blog stuff

A few blog links for you all.

First of all Design Mom is having a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway with 12 different giveaways!

Like this:

and more! Click here to enter any of them.

(And while you’re at DesignMom, look at this post. Especially if you are a crafter, or someone who supports crafters, or likes to buy their stuff. I am writing my congressman today!)

Now, if you want to craft something yourself, check out this cute project from the Purl bee.

They have a bunch of projects this week, but these were my favorite. I might not do hot-pink, but the possibilities are endlessly cute. And easy.

And last, if you want a good Christmas-time funny read, look at this from Posie gets Cozy.
What would you write in your made-for-TV-Christmas-special? :)

Oh one more thing. If anyone wants a “$10 off any online Old Navy order over $75” coupon, email me and I’ll give you my code. (You can find my email address when you click ‘view my complete profile’ under my picture on the left.)


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