Saturday, January 17, 2009

The January purge

This first picture is for those of you who really only care about the quilts. (Its okay! I know how you feel. Sometimes my brain can't handle a long narrative, it just wants a quick hit of pretty color and fabrics. I totally get it and I'm not offended at all!) This is a little something I'm working on for the store. More American Jane fabric by Sandy Klop for Moda. I love her stuff. It's finally coming together and I think it's going to be really cute. I'm hoping to finish tonight and I'll post more pictures soon.

This January I have felt so motivated to purge unnecessary stuff from my household. When I put away the Christmas decorations I got rid of two boxes of Christmas stuff I either didn't want, use, or need. Felt great! I'm slowly going through other areas of the house. Next I hit the kids' books. Then I decided to tackle our closet. My husband had already made a good start on his half and I felt motivated to do mine. I knew this would entail having my boys around during the process. That morning they had already maxed their TV time while I exercised and showered, so I tried to entice them to come play on my bed while I worked. Usually this is a pretty good offer because they like to play life raft or bear cave with all the covers and then throw them onto the floor in a pile and jump on them. I figured this would give me at least a good 20 minutes.

As I got into my project, I came out of the closet to discover this:

The four-year-old down to his underwear, cleaning his legos with his toothbrush.
And the two-year-old had somehow accessed the box of Cherrios
and taken them into the bathroom.
So, as is usual when I attempt a big project, there is always a lot of extra mess to clean-up, besides the one I just made on my own. But it feels good to ship a few garbage bags full of un-needed stuff off to good will. And the best part of this story? Friends of Multiple Schlerosis called last night to see if I had any donations. Oh yes I do. They are picking it all up Monday morning! Now I won't be tempted to look at vintage sheets if I were to drop it off myself!


Lisa said...

what is it with the box of cereal that kids are drawn to?? I think all my kids at some point has gotten into the cereal and dumped it!! uuugghhh!
my little one is also good at dumping all the books off the book shelf. I think I clean them up 3 or 4 times a day!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Purging always makes me feel better. Unfortunately I've been known to throw away too much. Once I threw away a 10k rollover 401k check. My husband will NEVER let me live that down. Rightly so I guess. That is why he goes through the trash. And the 401k check was found by him because he does go through the trash!

I remember messes like the cheerios. Once my twins spilled a whole gallon of milk on the wood floor. Oh my Amy, I can't begin to tell you what that was like to clean up!

Lynnie said...

I had a dream that I opened my hope chest and it was full of soft cozy blankets and vintage crib sheets, perfect for little throw quilts. I also love purging, but still can't quite stomach getting rid of books. Best of luck!