Friday, January 30, 2009

Red & White table runner

I finished my little red & white table runner yesterday. The whole thing was made from scraps -even the binding! - with the exception of the back and 2 of the front strips. It's a bit wonky, but wonky is in right now, so I should just say I did it on purpose.
I love that little bird print.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out! It was a quick and satisfying project so that I think I'll make some more soon. This is one of those projects where you piece the strips right to the batting and back. I then quilted a few more lines before binding while I watched American Idol.
So easy!

I also like this back. I've had this for a few years now. Happy to finally put it to use.
While I was taking pictures I also discovered this new addition to my table. I think this is thanks to the 2 1/2-year-old boy who lives in our house. Scrubbed it a bunch, but it's not showing any signs of fading anytime soon. It's moments like this that I remind myself, "This is why I didn't buy my table from the Pottery Barn." We'll be sticking with this cheap beauty for a few more years at least.
I've been surprisingly bloggy this week. I guess that's possible when you don't have a child with a birthday, class report/project, or major illness that week. And you pretend the pile of socks that desperately needs to be sorted doesn't exist.

Update: Here is a cute quilted bag giveaway at a new-to-me blog: GreenFairyQuilts. Plus more Shangri-La fabric. (I love that collection!) Check it out!


  1. What a great idea for a little runner.....if I made one I could use the different decorative stitches and pretty threads to go straight on through each row. It is lovely.

  2. Oh that is a little love spot on the table! Cherish it. Under my old old oak table - seats 14 - there is sharpie scrawled "JaMIe" in 1st grade letters. At least it is underneath I guess. And the top of the table has a nice love spot where one of my 7 girls spilled nail polish remover. So yeah, I keep it covered. That table runner will come in handy to cover up the little love spot. So cute too. And the bird fabric is really darling.

  3. cute runner! i need to try that foundation quilting :)

  4. I love your red and white table runner, it is too cute. I know about kids writing on the table, that's why I didn't buy my table at the pottery barn. Thanks for visiting my blog and the shout out, good luck in the giveaway.

  5. Your table runner turned out great. And I love the red birdie fabric too!
    Once when one of my daughters learned to write her name, she decorated the whole house. We're talking baseboards, walls, books, you name it. I must be getting old because now I find those things endearing.

  6. Pretty table runner. I had to smile when I saw the "art" on your table. I just try to removed pen marks on a tan leather couch. The marks are still there. Not so good.

  7. Always love you rprojects! MY now 26 yr. old daughter "decorated our New house back in 1987 by drawing circles along the chair railing all over her bedroom and the upstairs hall way!! She had heard me talking about wall papering which was very chic back in 1987 so she really thought she was being helpful. The circles were quite straight!!! I'm glad I didn't go ballistic and instead found it funny. I actually left those circles in her bedroom for several years. I thought it made the room unique to her.
    Gmama Jane


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