Some more winter cheer

Last night, thanks to Kelly, I discovered a great new-to-me blog, Set Carre, all the way from Montreal. This pencil roll and quilt are in her etsy store. Aren’t they beautiful?? I love the cheerful colors! (And you know how much I like American Jane fabric!) Plus, her blog is written in both French and English – a great way to brush-up on my French that I haven’t used much in the past 14 years. :)

And in other fun and excitement, I won my first ever blog giveaway from Lera’s blog The Sky is Pink!! I was the happy recipient of an adorable snowman-embellished dishtowel, and bolt [is that what you would call it?] of red and white twine – perfect for Valentine goodies – and a hefty bar of her homemade chocolate peppermint soap. It smells SOOO good. I had to tell each child multiple times that it was SOAP not chocolate so that I don’t find any teeth marks in it later. Thank you Lera!
I share this with all of you, not to brag, but to encourage. You may think you are someone like me, who never wins anything, but truly, it can happen to you too!


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    hey, I won Lera’s candy cane tote and a big block of the same soap. It does smell yummy, doesn’t it?<BR/>I NEVER WIN THINGS… but recently I won that and another blog giveaway before Christmas. What’s going on around here?!!! ha ha<BR/>And then of course, the lovely package you sent me. I’m a lucky girl lately.

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