Apocalypse Now

Not getting much done today.
A little project I started when I saw the Sew Mama Sew! Doll Quilt sew along. Not something I need to do, but I couldn’t resist. And there it sits at my machine, waiting for me to return . . .

This seems to keep happening to me . . . just last week I was feeling like, “Wow. We are in a good rhythm right now. Good schedules for the kids, etc. I am feeling so productive!”

And then the 2 1/2-year-old discovered his new found ability to escape his crib and is now in full protest of his nap schedule. That and he suddenly gets up at 6:15 am!

Plus I got my kids’ cold.

This is how I feel:
Every time each of my kids has started to outgrow a nap, I have felt overwhelmed for a couple of months until we adjust to our new routine. Here we go again!

The rough part of a child rebelling against nap time is an over-tired kid by dinner time.

And I keep finding results like this:
(It normally looks like this.)Wish me luck.


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    i’m sorry, i had to giggle. i know how ya feel. my 2nd son could escape his crib at 10 months old!! it was way too early for that kind of independence! the baby has yet to challenge it, but she seems to like her naps still. yeah, mommy loves that.<BR/><BR/>hey, i started some quilting on my daughter’s quilt today. once that is done, i’ll fix a wall hanging that i messed up on. and then hopefully,

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    I hate the nap phase out. My almost 2yr old is down to just an hour. I fear the end is near…I have a project in the same state on my machine. And a lot more in the closet.

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    I’m laughing. Life with adult children really is no different – just bigger issues. You just get one thing "solved" and another crops up. Welcome to eternity of motherhood. Some days I wonder!!! Having a time in the middle of the day to yourself is essential. You need to find a way to get a solid hour. Good luck with that one! Really it is essential to protect the self side, too.

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