Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doll Quilt

I finished the little quilt from the Sew Mama! sew-along. This was not something I needed to do, but since I already had some cute 3 1/2" squares cut, I couldn't resist.
I used scraps and pieces from good old Sandy Klop's American Jane collection - mostly the line Look and Learn (much of which I got back in December for super clearance) or scraps from previous quilts.

Here is the back.
I am such a chicken about quilting with my own machine - hence the grid instead of stippling. I can stipple on a Gammel, but I am not good at it. I need to get up the guts to just try it at home. But I'll use some old, junky practice stuff to do it first.
I had the hardest time getting a decent picture. Part of the problem is the border gets lost - it's too light with not enough contrast. So maybe I'll try another version with a darker border or a dark stop border in between.

And in other exciting news, the Vita-Mix demo-guy was at Costco today. (Affectionately known as "the smoothie man" by my kids.) I love that guy. And one day I WILL buy one of his wares.


  1. what's interesting is that the whole time i was looking at the pictures, i was thinking that i really like the border. it's subtle but up close has enough personality to carry it's own weight. And i enjoy seeing a different quilting design then stippling. to me a quilt is made up of a few things:
    1. the fabric
    2. the design
    and 3. the quilting
    Of course, i'm no expert. but that's my very-little-don't-know-what-i'm-talking-about-beginners opinion.
    cute doll quilt.

  2. I like the border, too. I have begun to enjoy the effect of a lighter border somewhat blending into the lightness of the blocks and that makes the blocks or squares look like they are floating on the border. Very pretty, and inspiring.


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