Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh to be some place warm

Back from St. George in southern Utah. (Home of Nedra.) It was so lovely to be some place warmer than home and extra good to get away with our little family. It's amazing how cheerful kids are when both mom and dad are there and they have our undivided attention. :) Makes me want to do it more often.

Good to be warm. Good to get away. Good to be over my cold.

Oh, and good to take pictures of quilts.
(My husband laughed when he realized what I was doing.)
Look at these beauties I found in a couple of pioneer homes we visited.
How could I resist?

I love how 'modern' old quilts are.
I also love that they were made before rotary cutters and fabric stores and Gammel quilting machines, and in some cases, sewing machines in general. And they are another example of how women find ways to express themselves creatively under the most primitive circumstances. Inspiring.
Oh, and we saw dinosaur tracks. Cool.


  1. I hear you! We have escaped to warmth. We are in AZ and loving the weather. We sure needed it. I love your photos of the quilts, fantastic.

  2. ugh - I'm looking out the window - 6" of fresh snow, and begging for spring! I would love to travel south :)

    The pictures of the quilts are amazing - no way you can pass those up! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. i love the quilt hanging on the back of the rocking chair. sounds like you all had a good trip.

  4. Glad you enjoyed St. George, although it's been rainy and cold for us lately. I immediately recognized the firt log cabin quilt from B.Y's summer home. I LOVE that quilt. I've never made a log cabin, but seeing that one again motivates me to get going!
    The weather is supposed to start warming up for real in the next few days.


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