Monday, February 2, 2009

A treasure hunt

So today we had some sort of teacher-preparation day, which meant no school. (I actually really like it when we don't have school on Mondays.) So I promised I'd take the kids to visit our cousins that recently moved back from Virginia. On the way home, I thought it would be fun to stop by the local thrift store in their area. I wasn't sure how my kids would feel about this idea, so I told them we were going on a treasure hunt and they each got to pick something to take home from this new store. This totally peaked their interest because I never tell them this when we go to Target. And it worked! They really liked it.

So here are a couple of the treasures we found:

A new pyrex bowl. (I'm accumulating a bit of a collection of orange pyrex. Seen here and here.) This is a big bowl, great for serving salads, popcorn, etc. Something I actually needed, so I was excited. $2.00
A new vintage sheet. This was pretty much the only good one and it's not that great. But it was $2.00 and I figured it would make a couple of great summer play dresses or skirts, so we took it.Then I spotted this little beauty for $1.00. I'm always a sucker for blue-and-white china pieces. They're just always classic looking.
When I got home I looked up the markings on the back. (I used to have a bit of a fettish with looking up china on Edish or Replacements Ltd.) This piece, called "bon bon" (cute!), is early 20th Century! Somewhat valuable! It's a little chipped, so it's probably not super valuable and I really only picked it up because it appealed to me, but it is kind of fun when you have an Antiques Roadshow moment.
My 10-year-old's treasures: two copies of the Babysitter's club books for .50 each. She's already finished one of them.
My 4-year-old's treasure: a used video game joy stick with no cord, and no video games at home to hook it up to. Sure!
But this was the grand-daddy for me:
We pawed through the books for a while. (Hence the Baby-sitter's Club.) I was looking for vintage stuff, but didn't seem to find anything. Then, as we were walking away I spotted this on a cart of new stuff to put out. $1.00. It is awesome!! I will save some of it's classic tidbits for future posts, but thought I would whet your appetite now. . .


  1. some great finds. love that blue & white platter, pretty!
    we watch antique roadshow often... i think it's so funny when someone bought something at a yard sale for $10 and it ends up being worth $25000. i'm not that lucky!


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