Easter fabric decor


I have loved these little fabric eggs from the Purl Bee. They have a tutorial here that makes them look so easy. Well, I didn’t get to them this year, but I’m filing this away for next year!

Then, lo and behold, look what I found! Retro Mama made some similar eggs out of American Jane fabric! How cute are they? She has a tutorial as well.
And finally, have you seen Nanette’s Easter Egg quilt of her own design?
Well she has a free tutorial too!
(Click on the picture so you can see the fabric up close. Nanette has an amazing touch with fabric. Look at the rabbits she used for her border!)

Sew like the wind

This is a bit how I feel at the moment. I have a huge deadline coming in the next couple of weeks – a good deadline, fortunately nothing like El Guapo coming – but one that wakes me up at night dreaming about charm packs. Details coming soon.

My news and my first giveaway!

This post is getting posted SO much later in the day than I had planned. Lots of unforeseen obstacles (isn’t that the way it is when you have something important going on?) The main one being my 4-year-0ld’s preschool teacher calling to let us know one of of the pupils came down with the chicken pox and they need to sterilize the school. So just when I planned on getting a lot done during preschool time, I am suddenly a lot less productive. But, it’s better than a kid with chicken pox, right? Perspective . . .

Okay, so that’s not the big news.

This is:I finally opened my etsy shop! This is not an official opening, more of a soft opening (thank you Ocean’s 13) with only a couple of things listed at the moment. I have a bunch more things waiting to be listed sometime next week.
So keep watching! And keep watching for more giveaways in the next month! Woo!

This is my first offering. A vintage-inspired I-spy baby quilt kit.

All of the squares are pre-cut. I only used really high quality quilting fabric from companies like Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Moda and, of course, those adorable Japanese imports. And I only went with vintage reproduction or really whimsical prints. No Spongebob or Garfield.

The quilt also comes with pre-cut borders, binding and backing.
(Recognize those cute American Jane prints?)

For this quilt I tried something new. I used a linen/cotton blend for the off-setting squares. I really like the change in texture. It’s in the dryer right now and I can’t wait to see how it comes out. The kit comes with a choice of off-set squares out of either the linen/cotton blend or just a neutral 100% cotton.I am also listing charm packs of 45 different pre-cut 3 1/2″ I-spy squares.
A great way to get a good little collection for your own projects, without having to collect that many different fabrics.
Here’s a small sampling of what’s included.
And that is my giveaway to you! One of these packets of 45 pre-cut squares. All you have to do is leave a comment, and if it has any feed-back or suggestions on the etsy shop, the i-spy quilt, or something else you’d like to see in the shop in the future, you’ll get two entries. You’ll have until Tuesday night at midnight Mountain Standard Time to enter. I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you so I can get mailing info if you win!

Thanks! Have a happy weekend!

More American Jane

Have you seen the new collection of American Jane to hit the stores? It’s called Snippets – based on vintage paper dolls. You can see the whole collection here. Wonderful, as always. I just love those vintage reproduction fabrics.
Then, have you seen Jodi’s cute pinwheel quilt made with Snippets?

I love it! With those cute prarie points. I love charm packs! This would be a very affordable scappy quilt. You can find the pattern at the Moda Bake Shop blog.

Have you been to this blog? TONS of cute patterns and project ideas for FREE. Awesome.

A few works in progress

I am on a quilting rampage. Evidence: the three quilts above that need binding. Good thing there are good shows on tonight. One is sitting on my lap as I type and I get a few stitches in while I wait for pictures to upload. :)

Here are some sneak peaks of a couple of others. I have plans for these babies. Watch for an announcement at the end of the week. (And my first Giveaway!)
QUICK UPDATE. (Sorry I meant to write this in the original post, and after a couple of comments were posted, I realized I needed to fix the situation quick.)
I can’t take any credit for the beautiful quilting. (Look at that flower in the green square!) This was done by my lovely friend Sherrie on a longarm. I really meant to announce that when I first posted! I am NOT a great machine quilter. I have total admiration for those who are. I’m getting a little more confident on my own little sewing machine [with strait lines] and it is one of the final quilting frontiers I aspire to learning to do well.
But in the mean time, I can’t take the credit for this beautiful stuff.

Here is another new baby quilt. I had to jump on the red and aqua band-wagon. But I threw in some pink to make in softer/baby-er/vintage-ier.

I love this aqua chenille!

And just to give my head further reason to explode, I started something new!Oh, and spring soccer starts today. If I didn’t need to chase down little boys, I could maybe bind quilts while I watch soccer games. (And they could keep me warm, too.)


This is a beautiful little video about our inherent need to create – whether it’s something small like quilts or something even more amazing like human life, and the fulfillment that results. Doesn’t that ring true? Why else would we spend time cutting something up and sewing those pieces back together, if not for the gratifying fulfillment that we feel with the end product.

Or why would we spend our time making endless amounts of food, cleaning-up bodily fluids, reading the same children’s books over and over, etc., if not for the goal of creating happy, productive human beings one day?

The speech is from one of the most amazing talks specifically addressed towards women that I’ve ever heard, given by one of the leaders of my faith, Dieter Uchtdorf. (He’s German. Don’t you love the accent?)

Prepare to be inspired.