Color Story

Do you ever read the blog Inchmark? I love it. Very sweet and simple with beautiful pictures. One of the things I love on her blog are her “Color Stories” – swatches of fabric for different projects.

So I decided to make one of my own. For me the inspiration is very 50’s-retro-baby looking. I know this aqua/red color scheme is popular now and I couldn’t resist doing something with it. My quilt is in the works and will be part of my soon to be opened etsy store. Watch for it. And for lots of giveaways beforehand. :)


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    Hi Amy, I just got back from my weekend away and I have to tell you that the color combo of aqua/red/white is all over the place. In fact, i picked up the cutest bathing suit for one of the girls… the main body was red/white polkadots and the binding and ruffles were aqua. i fell in love with the colors! I actually thought.. "hmmm. i think i’ll find some fabric in those colors and make

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    I would never have thought to put aqua and red together so it is a good thing that designers do. I think I really like that combination.

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