Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few works in progress

I am on a quilting rampage. Evidence: the three quilts above that need binding. Good thing there are good shows on tonight. One is sitting on my lap as I type and I get a few stitches in while I wait for pictures to upload. :)

Here are some sneak peaks of a couple of others. I have plans for these babies. Watch for an announcement at the end of the week. (And my first Giveaway!)
QUICK UPDATE. (Sorry I meant to write this in the original post, and after a couple of comments were posted, I realized I needed to fix the situation quick.)
I can't take any credit for the beautiful quilting. (Look at that flower in the green square!) This was done by my lovely friend Sherrie on a longarm. I really meant to announce that when I first posted! I am NOT a great machine quilter. I have total admiration for those who are. I'm getting a little more confident on my own little sewing machine [with strait lines] and it is one of the final quilting frontiers I aspire to learning to do well.
But in the mean time, I can't take the credit for this beautiful stuff.

Here is another new baby quilt. I had to jump on the red and aqua band-wagon. But I threw in some pink to make in softer/baby-er/vintage-ier.
I love this aqua chenille!

And just to give my head further reason to explode, I started something new!Oh, and spring soccer starts today. If I didn't need to chase down little boys, I could maybe bind quilts while I watch soccer games. (And they could keep me warm, too.)


  1. beautiful fabrics! good luck at soccer!

  2. I wish I was so productive. Maybe if I stopped reading blogs...

    I found my lavender and yellow. I had to leave the pastel hues I was hoping for, but they'll work!

  3. Love your quilting. It looks so graceful.


  4. the quilts are beautiful. i love your free motion quilting

  5. we have soccer and baseball starting here this week. i don't think i'd be able to work on a quilt at the same time, my attention span is not so great!
    i'm excited... a giveaway coming soon! can't wait to see what it will be.
    the quilts look great.

  6. Your quilts are do have a lot of binding to do...I love your friend's quilting...and I love the fabrics in all of the quilts!

  7. i'm SO in love with that purse block! or is it a basket? either way i love it!

  8. Oh my gosh you are busy. Love the 3 quilts. So cute. Love the fabrics. But that basket! Wowie. So cute.

  9. Oh, that cutie basket/purse? I can't wait to see more of that. SO CUTE!


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