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Last week I had a few minutes alone after running to the Post Office and decided to nip into the near-by thrift store. I had some great finds – and not what I usually find. First of all (above) these zippers! A ton of them – I think I got about 60 zippers for $6. I was so excited – I have a few cute little projects that I’ve needed zippers for and: voila! And there’s even some in orange and lime green. How awesome is that??

Then, embroidery hoops.
Have you seen this picture from the Purl website? I actually visited Purl Patchwork in New York last spring- before I ever knew they had a blog – and loved the look of these framed fabrics. So I’ve been on the lookout for wooden embroidery hoops. Yes!


Not a ton of vintage sheets to choose from this time – which is partly okay because I have a decent stash that I need to start cutting before I accumulate more. But there is a particular print I’ve had my eye out for and I found a giant pillow case out of it. Woo! (below)

This one is purely sentimental – this was my bedroom ensemble when I was little. Sheets, curtains, chair cushion, my mom even took an extra sheet and made me a comforter that I kept around for years -even when my room had changed. Just looking at that fabric brings back so many memories. Not sure what I’m going to do with it – just wanted to have it.Now, I have been a good thrifter lately. Not buying lots of stuff I don’t have a purpose or place for. I even walked past a couple of good looking pyrex bakers because I just don’t have a place for them right now. But I have been looking for vintage books. There is ample supply of books from the mid-90’s available like Scooby Doo and the Carebears – and one day those will be vintage too and maybe I’ll kick myself that I didn’t hoard them now. But again – no purpose or place for at the moment.

Then I found what I’ve wanted. A vintage 1950’s school book with color pictures. It is so adorable!
This one is definitely a cutter – and has already been cut extensively – but there are still some great pages.

Not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it yet, (maybe frame stuff?) but now I’m prepared when I find it.
And if I ever need to know how to re-pot a broken geranium plant, I know where to turn.
Look at that cute grocer. As much as I love Target, wouldn’t it be fun to go to a store like that?

Oh the vintage charm. All mine for 69 cents.


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    i’m totally working on my hoop wall! i’ve been scouring our DI over here and i’ve found some pretty bigs ones and some really cute little ones. i actually just cut out the fabric and put them up today…hmmmm i feel a post coming on…<BR/>totally jelous of the zippers and the book finds! nice!

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