The other quilt and an unpleasant surprise

This is the other quilt I finished for the store where I work. This fabric is from a collection called Tiny Tots by Red Rooster fabric. Cute little vintage kids. (Although to me, it’s not quite as cute as American Jane.)

We’ve had the fabric for a bit, but of course, the panel has not sold because we haven’t done anything with it yet. So, it was time to do something about that. This is a crib size quilt.

Here is a close-up of a few of the panels:I’ve described previously how interesting it is to work in a fabric store and watch what sells and what doesn’t. Some things we might never have to touch and they practically walk out of the store on their own. (Like that Sweet polka-dot.) Other stuff sits until we do something with it. And then usually, once people see something made-up with a fabric or collection, it flies. It’s especially funny with quilt backs. So often we put something we’re trying to get rid of on the back of a quilt and suddenly people are fighting over it. It’s almost comical.

I really like the back used for this quilt. Such a good green! Also, we had a few bolts of the stripe, so I used it for the bias binding and I’m pleased with the result.
My sweet 2-year-old decided it to come “help” me take pictures. Seriously 2 minutes after I took this picture, he threw-up all over the floor. Yuck. Fortunately, the quilt was off the floor by then. However, this would not have been the first time we got bodily fluids on a quilt ready to be returned to the quilt store (as my kids call it). A few years ago I took a quilt out of the dryer and laid it on the floor to admire. My little girls decided it would be fun to come sit on the warm quilt. Well, one of them was wearing big-girl panties for the first time and let’s just say, that quilt got washed twice.


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    Darling! it was fun to see you Saturday. I have to remember to come closer to closing so you aren’t so busy! Still on the hunt for lavender and yellow…

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