Tutorials up the wazoo!

I recently discovered I was suddenly getting some new traffic and looked at the source: Tipnut.com I had never heard of it and went to check it out. Wow!

My Diaper Clutch tutorial was featured on this list. (Thank you Tipnut people!) As are a bunch of other great baby ideas, including this cute quilt:

The link to this pattern is at The Village Shop blog. Looks like a really quick little quilt. I’m excited to try it.

There’s another great list of what to do with fabric scraps and remnants. Look at this cute quilted wallet from That Darn Kat.


There are loads of other free patterns as well as good tips on cooking, organizing, cleaning; you name it! Check it out!

PS I just have to say how amazing I think this bloggy world is. Sometimes it totally overwhelms me :) but other days I can’t get enough. Since I started reading blogs in earnest about a year ago, I have become so much more confident in my sewing capacity – mainly because of other people’s examples and lovely tutorials and help. It is fabulous. Don’t you agree?


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    yeah i started to get traffic from there as well and found out that my tea towel apron is on thier list of free apron tutorials! how exciting! now i have have to check out your diaper bag!! double exciting!

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