Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wearin' o' the Green

A little bit of some recent green quilt discoveries. I LOVE this one by Sarah Looking In. I really want to make something like it.Here is another other green quilt from Oh Fransson!
Favorite songs green
I'm really digging the monochromatic look. Wouldn't this be a fun way to use up scraps?

Spring Green Doll Quilt Top by oh fransson.
Anyone else have some good green quilts?


Sherri said...

You found some great green quilts...I'd actually like to make one...but I just don't have enough of a green stash yet!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Lovely green quilts. I did post my all green St. Patrick's Day table topper last week. And it all came from my stash!

Dayna said...

Awesome finds! I reallllly like the first one....and the second...heck all of them!

acardaday said...

These are awesome! I'm just working on a green quilt at the moment, if you have a minute hop over to my blog to check it out. acardaday.wordpress.com xxx