“Idaho sure has a lot of stuff”

Title comes from a quote by the same 5-year-old after we crossed the border into Idaho on our road trip. And he was right!
And what stuff did I take pictures of?
Old quilts of course!

These quilts were in a little museum in Rexburg with an exhibit about the breaking of the Teton Dam in the 1970’s. Wow. I can’t imagine the damage – a whole town under 10 feet of water with houses and cattle floating away in the flood.

Love the strippy-scrappy kaleidoscope quilt!
And this embroidered tumbling blocks quilt was incredible.
(Sorry the picture isn’t great – it was behind glass.
Which is probably a good thing.)
There were also some adorable, politically incorrect, vintage salt and pepper shakers.

Enquiring mind wants to know

As you know, my boy turned 5 last week. Which means he is getting way too big for this bed. So it’s time to get a big-boy bed, but I had to share some farewell photos of his little one. I made this quilt for his crib when I was pregnant. Since I already had two little girls, I was so excited to have a boy too!
And this boy gives me a run for my money. Not just physically but mentally too. Here is a small sampling of some of the questions this kid asks me:

How do you make milk? Do cows have machines in their stomachs?

Why do dinosaurs always live by volcanoes? Is it because they eat lava?

How does Heavenly Father make vitamins in food?

How do shoemakers make shoes?

Why is it called ‘gray’?

Why do people store food for the winter?

How old are Dads?

How do Chinese people cut up their food?

Why does school teach us about the earth and letters?

Why did Heavenly Father make 2 moons for Mars and only 1 for us?

So when this guy crashes (sword in hand) at the end of the day, not only do I get a rest, but so does my brain. :)

My Little Buttercup

This is a little bag I made for my sister-in-law’s birthday.
I loved it so much, I almost couldn’t part with it.
But because it was so fun and such a snap to make, I gave it away, knowing I can make one for myself.
You’ve probably seen this everywhere. It’s from this adorable FREE pattern for the Buttercup bag from Made by Rae.
I whole-heartedly endorse this pattern. Quick, satisfying, and as I said, very fun.
The fabric: More Wonderland and lined with American Jane dots.
Love the combo. And the vintage button.

And since we had so much fun with the Three Amigos a few weeks ago,
I couldn’t resist showing this one too. :)

The birthday party went very well. I’m always giddy with relief when birthday parties are over and everyone seemed to have fun. And no crying is an extra bonus. I love how easy to please little kids are. Throw some cupcakes and some rubber spiders and Diego stickers at them and they are happy campers.

The most anti-climactic 100th post ever

Not much time today.
I’m having a bunch of 5-year-olds for a birthday party in an hour and a half.
If only I was going to look half as charming and well-put-together as this mother.

And, for my stupidity confession of the day, all week they’ve been forcasting rain showers today, which totally frustrated me because it would be so much easier to keep 9 5-year-olds entertained outside. But since rain was in the forcast I asked my dear husband to please put fertilizer and weed-killer on the lawn last night, which he kindly did. Then we woke-up this morning and NO RAIN! My husband then tried to get the sprinklers running to make it so we could still use the yard, but a big sprinkler in the back yard is busted and needs to be replaced. Argh. So now, we have no rain, but we also can’t use the back yard until it gets watered. Sometimes don’t you just wonder why you even try???

But, just so you don’t go into the weekend feeling totally unfulfilled by this post,
I’ll leave you with some photos of the little critter we found in our front yard this week:

My son came home frantically from playing with the neighbors saying he saw a snake. In all my years of living in suburban Utah I’ve never seen a snake in our yard. So thinking it was just a worm or something, I went with him to calm his fears.
And that is when I almost stepped on it and screamed like a little girl.

Pretty soon a crowd gathered.

As soon as we had confirmation that it was harmless,
it was lovingly taken into captivity by the boys on the street
and proudly showed to each of their mothers.

Drum roll . . .

First of all
Holy Schmoley!

Well, I never imagined that kind of a response! So nice to meet all of you and thank you so much for the kind things you said. I wish I could sit and chat with all of you, but frankly it was all a bit overwhelming and I couldn’t click through to everyone, but I will do it this weekend. :) I look forward to making your acquaintance more thoroughly! I also really wish I had a Wonderland Jelly Roll for each of you.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I always feel so solemn pulling up that Random Number Generator and putting in my info, and then it gives you the winner so quickly – I keep feeling like it should play some kind of fanfare music before it shows the magic number. So anyway, I’ll stop with all the blathering.

The winner is #352: Andrea from Alaska who said:
“Commenting and crossing my fingers (okaaay my toes too)!!”
Congratulations, Andrea! Apparently crossing your toes really works!

Many thanks again to all of you for stopping by, and I hope you’ll continue to visit in the future. And thanks again to Jodi for spotlighting me and sending you this way.

Beautiful photos

Aren’t these pictures gorgeous?
They were taken by a new friend of mine, Amy Hackworth.
I love this one looking down at the tops of the old spools.
The one with the star is my favorite.
Amy sells these photographs as art prints and note cards in her etsy store.
I would love to frame a few and hang them in my sewing room.
(As soon as I get part of the bailout money to set-up a
Superfund project to reclaim and reorganize that space. Sigh.)
I’m also quite fond of Amy because she was there to reassure me in line at Costco when the older woman ahead of me complimented me on the lovely children I was with and asked me if they were my grandchildren.