And the prizes go to . . .

My 5-year-old wanted to ‘help’ when I was taking pictures for the basket pattern, so I let him take a couple of shots. Not too shabby!

I’m sorry. Morning has turned into afternoon. It’s been a little nuts around here! I hope no one has been holding their breath because they probably would have passed out by now.

But I do have the winners! (I just love that random number generator.)

And they are: Gari, Nettie and Jill! Congratulations ladies!!

The way this works: Gari will get first pick of the three lovely prizes, Nettie second, and Jill will receive what is left. So ladies, please email me and we’ll get this all arranged.

Many thanks to all of you for playing along and for your kind and encouraging comments. This week has been crazy, so they were much appreciated.

Next week I’m going to be guest-momming on Design Mom. No, I’m totally serious. So please come visit and leave me some love. Because I am seriously out of my comfort zone!


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    it’s been a crazy week here too. with baby and me sick, and to top it off, both boys started baseball practice and my daughter started soccer practice!!<BR/>But tonight, on the way home from the ball fields, all of a sudden I remembered it’s Friday. Which means, "Amy is going to announce the winners!".<BR/>Waddya know… I didn’t win. oh well. <BR/>I still like ya!

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