Beautiful photos

Aren’t these pictures gorgeous?
They were taken by a new friend of mine, Amy Hackworth.
I love this one looking down at the tops of the old spools.
The one with the star is my favorite.
Amy sells these photographs as art prints and note cards in her etsy store.
I would love to frame a few and hang them in my sewing room.
(As soon as I get part of the bailout money to set-up a
Superfund project to reclaim and reorganize that space. Sigh.)
I’m also quite fond of Amy because she was there to reassure me in line at Costco when the older woman ahead of me complimented me on the lovely children I was with and asked me if they were my grandchildren.


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    Oh no…something else I want to start collecting. I saw some old spools at an auction a few months ago, now I’m kicking myself. Who knew they could look so beautful when sorted. Don’t worry – I get the "is this your grandaughter" thing sometimes too…and I think I look pretty good for my age? Go figure?

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    Those are beautiful & perfect for the sewing room! And I swear, people should just say, "lovely kids" period. end of sentence. I get whacko comments all the time too! Hope she didn't ruin your day!

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    Those are gorgeous photos…thanks so much for sharing! And I just don’t get the grandmother thing! I just absolutely can’t believe someone would think that!!!

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    The photos are great! I know what you mean, I have gotten comments when I am with my mother, "Oh are you sisters?" Great for my mom, but for me not so much.

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    Lovely photos! And would you believe the "grandma" thing happened to me on Saturday? I was shopping with my daughter and the cashier at Wal-Mart asked me if the bra I was buying was for my granddaughter. I told her NO, it was for my DAUGHTER!! Some people just don’t think before they speak! LOL

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    What a great friend! I was once complimented at the grocery store about how well behaved ALL my children were…and how LUCKY I was to have my oldest there to help out. I thanked the cashier and then realized that she was referring to my SISTER as MY oldest….I was with my 4 children and my sister’s 4 children, my last one and my sister’s last one are only 10 months apart….I was so embarrassed

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