Easter Baskets

I designed this quilt for the store where I work three years ago, mainly to sell a Moda line we carried.
It’s kind of a pastel, Andy Warhol, look for baskets.At the time I made this quilt I was 8 months pregnant. It was going to be my last project for the store before I took a couple months off with my baby. I was also putting together kits, and writing the pattern. I had just enough time to get this all done and in the store before Easter and before the baby came.

Well, at about 8 months along I wasn’t getting bigger, so the doctor ordered non-stress tests to check my amniotic fluid levels. My levels weren’t looking good, so I drank water like crazy, and tried to take things easy (tough to do with three other little kids.) I went to my first non-stress test and things were looking better.

Then a few days later I went back for another. I asked a friend to come sit with my kids in my messy house while I went over to the hospital for an hour. Which turned into four hours at which point I was told, “You’re having this baby tonight.”

I was so unprepared. I still had so many things I wanted to get done before the baby came, like clean out my laundry room, which did not get done until 9 months later. I also had this quilt to finish, (and I knew it would NEVER happen after the baby came) so I took it back with me to the hospital that night and sat binding it in the delivery room while they hooked me up to everything. How’s that for dedication?? (Or else pregnancy-induced lunacy.)

So every time I look at it I not only like the baskets, but I think about how glad I am to have my healthy boy. And I laugh at how those nurses must have thought I was such a weirdo.


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    It is funny how quilts will remind us of a special or even hard time in our lives. It is like imprinting a memory. Thanks for sharing your sweet story. I used to work in L&D and let me tell you – nothing really shocks those nurses. Seriously. They have seen it all.

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    Great way to finish a quilt! So funny though, my 2nd child was born in the same way, same story, minus the binding of the quilt. Although, I did say to the doctor that I wasn’t going to have the baby that day, he kept insisting that I was and sent me to labor and delivery. My son was born on Good Friday that year. and will be celebrating his birthday next Tuesday!

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    I think working on a quilt is the perfect thing to do if you were trying not to stress. It may sound odd to others, but to us quiltaholics, it makes complete sense.<BR/>I’m so glad you had a happy ending to the story, and a healthy little boy.

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