“Idaho sure has a lot of stuff”

Title comes from a quote by the same 5-year-old after we crossed the border into Idaho on our road trip. And he was right!
And what stuff did I take pictures of?
Old quilts of course!

These quilts were in a little museum in Rexburg with an exhibit about the breaking of the Teton Dam in the 1970’s. Wow. I can’t imagine the damage – a whole town under 10 feet of water with houses and cattle floating away in the flood.

Love the strippy-scrappy kaleidoscope quilt!
And this embroidered tumbling blocks quilt was incredible.
(Sorry the picture isn’t great – it was behind glass.
Which is probably a good thing.)
There were also some adorable, politically incorrect, vintage salt and pepper shakers.


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    I went to that same museum a few years ago and took lots of pictures of the tumbling blocks quilt with all the applique in each piece. At that time it was right up front by the door, draped over an easel.

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