The most anti-climactic 100th post ever

Not much time today.
I’m having a bunch of 5-year-olds for a birthday party in an hour and a half.
If only I was going to look half as charming and well-put-together as this mother.

And, for my stupidity confession of the day, all week they’ve been forcasting rain showers today, which totally frustrated me because it would be so much easier to keep 9 5-year-olds entertained outside. But since rain was in the forcast I asked my dear husband to please put fertilizer and weed-killer on the lawn last night, which he kindly did. Then we woke-up this morning and NO RAIN! My husband then tried to get the sprinklers running to make it so we could still use the yard, but a big sprinkler in the back yard is busted and needs to be replaced. Argh. So now, we have no rain, but we also can’t use the back yard until it gets watered. Sometimes don’t you just wonder why you even try???

But, just so you don’t go into the weekend feeling totally unfulfilled by this post,
I’ll leave you with some photos of the little critter we found in our front yard this week:

My son came home frantically from playing with the neighbors saying he saw a snake. In all my years of living in suburban Utah I’ve never seen a snake in our yard. So thinking it was just a worm or something, I went with him to calm his fears.
And that is when I almost stepped on it and screamed like a little girl.

Pretty soon a crowd gathered.

As soon as we had confirmation that it was harmless,
it was lovingly taken into captivity by the boys on the street
and proudly showed to each of their mothers.


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    I hope the party goes well! That picture of the snake in the crack of the sidewalk is SO cool. I can’t wait to show my kids when they get home.

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    it looks like a garter snake. we used to play with those growing up in north vancouver. i am an "okay" fan of small unpoisonous snakes. and that is all.<br /><br />happy 100th post!!!! cute photo of all the kids gathered. can’t believe your son is 5!!!!!!

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    Congrats on reaching 100 posts. Hope the party goes well, I’m sure you’ll come up with ideas that don’t include the backyard. The kids look fasinated with the snake.

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    We fertilized last night because of the forecast too. Looks like we’ll have to run the sprinklers too, ugh!<br /><br />Ever since we moved to this end of town we get snakes all the time. I didn’t mind them when someone said it would keep the mice out of the house. But when the mice were spotted in the house I no longer became a fan of either. But my kids are just as afraid of the snakes as me

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    I hope the party goes well! It was fun to bump into you at Target! I realized right after I saw you that I totally forgot BOM a couple weeks ago. I’ll have to come into the shop tomorrow. Opps.

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    The snake really added a zing to the excitement for today! I still haven’t ever seen a snake in any of the yards I’ve lived in here or in California. I’m so glad!<br /><br />Congrats on your 100th post and Happy birthday to your son.

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    Now if that was a spider, I’d share your ‘ewwwww’! Snakes, not so bad for me.<br /><br />Have fun with the party and I feel for you… I love the thought of great mamory making parties for my girls (they’re almost outgrown them) but I always get so stressed at actually "doing" them. <br /><br />Blessings, Kimberly

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    oh, my, word. I hate snakes. That would make me not want to use the backyard anyway…there could be more 😉 Happy Birthday, little one and happy 100th post to YOU.

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    50 years ago I brought a handful of baby garter snakes to show my mother. She screamed so I dropped them on the kitchen floor and, laughing, ran out the door. She is still mad at me.

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    Actually I think the snake in the crevice picture is kind of cool. If they are harmless, I can handle a snake. <br />Right after we moved to St. G Mr. Cactus found a large rattle snake curled up by our front door. (fortunately I wasn’t home). He had to call Animal Control to come get it. All the critters from the desert almost made me want to move… but I’m still here!

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    Hope your party went well! I had five 11-year olds for a birthday sleepover last night and they finally went to sleep at 5 this morning! Never again! LOL Cool snake too, as long as it’s at your house and not mine! :0)

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