Monday, April 27, 2009

My Little Buttercup

This is a little bag I made for my sister-in-law's birthday.
I loved it so much, I almost couldn't part with it.
But because it was so fun and such a snap to make, I gave it away, knowing I can make one for myself.
You've probably seen this everywhere. It's from this adorable FREE pattern for the Buttercup bag from Made by Rae.
I whole-heartedly endorse this pattern. Quick, satisfying, and as I said, very fun.
The fabric: More Wonderland and lined with American Jane dots.
Love the combo. And the vintage button.

And since we had so much fun with the Three Amigos a few weeks ago,
I couldn't resist showing this one too. :)

The birthday party went very well. I'm always giddy with relief when birthday parties are over and everyone seemed to have fun. And no crying is an extra bonus. I love how easy to please little kids are. Throw some cupcakes and some rubber spiders and Diego stickers at them and they are happy campers.


  1. VERY cute little purse!

    Buttercup is one of the names i was called when i was little.

  2. i love cute..thinking of making one for me..hehehe

  3. Thanks for the heads up for a neat pattern. Love you choice of fabrics for your bag. Am thinking of something along the lines of a bag with fall prints for me.

  4. Adorable bag! Love the fabric you picked and I love red. Glad the party went well.

  5. I just purchased some Wonderland on Saturday. Love that line. And the purse turned out very cute.
    Three Amigos is a Classic! My family has most of it memorized.

  6. What an adorable bag! Love the fabrics you used!

  7. Cute bag - the fabrics are beautiful together!

  8. Oh how cute! I can't tell you how many times I've made a gift for somebody else to find I couldn't part with it so had to quickly whip up another.

  9. Amy, you've been tagged. Come by my blog for the details.

    ~Tootles for now!

  10. That bag is adorable! Where did you get the beautiful fabric?

  11. Very cute bag! I haven't liked that particular fabric until now.

  12. Gotta make that bag! Printed it off a while ago, just gotta do it!

  13. The bag looks fantastic. No wonder it was hard to part with! I have bookmarked the pattern! :)

  14. Cute bag! Also, I saw your comment on Cactus Needle...I loved that neat that you had two ancestors in there! That book was amazing...I felt so sad for the women who didn't sign their blocks...their stories might never be told!


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