Baby Quilt #2

I have the most wonderful next door neighbor you could ever ask for. You know one of those neighbors you just totally click with, that you totally trust your kids with (actually, sometimes I think they might be in better hands in her care than in my own) which is made even more awesome by the fact that her 3 kids match-up perfectly age-wise with my youngest three. For my birthday this year she brought me Ceviche which I think is my new favorite food. She’s from Ecuador originally but married an American after coming to the States to do graduate work in English. And she just had her fourth boy. So it was time to make her a quilt.This one was made all from my stash. Love that. Really subtle colors. Forgot to take a picture of the back which is a really soft green polk-a-dot.
I love throwing chenille into baby quilts. This one washed-up really soft and cozy.And speaking of backs, look what happened to me when I took the kids to the park today. Have you ever had a tan line from your pony tail? So attractive. And the irony, I was reading an article about skin-cancer when I got it. Oh the guilt. Time to break out the sun screen!!


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    Sweet quilt and the colour combo is lovely, so soft. Yes my kids used to get pony tail sunburn. I used to smother them in sun screen but there’s always a spot that you miss.

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    What a blessing to have such a perfect match for a neighbor! The baby quilt is soft and cute! Bummer about the sunburn! I got it this weekend too!

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    Oh Amy! I’m sorry I’m laughing right now… I’ve never seen a sunburn line in the shape of a ponytail! ha ha<br />Cute quilt. I like the soft colors. Is it hard to sew with chenille? I’ve never used it, but I love how it looks.

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    Sweet quilt for the new baby! I’m sure she loves it :) <br /><br />Ponytail tan lines – eeh? My girls think I’m nuts putting sunscreen on them at every turn! It’s amazing how fast the sun works up here though :)

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    Beautiful quilt. I wish I was still having babies just so you could make me a quilt. I also LOVE the pony tail sunburn line. Too funny!

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    Beautiful quilt! I think your neighbor will love it – if she doesn’t, she should! :-)<br /><br />Just wanted to give a shout out for Ecuador! I grew up there and it will always have a place in my heart. In fact, when I’m really missing it, I make… ceviche! My recipe is a little different than the one you linked to (it has tomato juice and orange juice, actually) and I just love it!

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    That tan(burn)line is so funny Amy. We have to remember the sun is getting so much stronger now even if it doesn’t feel as much like May as it should. The baby quilt is darling. What a great neighbor. Everyone should have someone like her.

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    What a great thing to do for your neighbor! I am sure she will love it. And the tan line is truly uniques, but sunscreen is a must.

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