Baby Quilt #3

As you can see, we have been on a baby-quilt rampage around here. And we still have a few more to make.
(It helps tremendously that I get a deal on machine quilting at the store where I work and that the ladies who do the quilting are amazing.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t be nearly so productive.)

But this one was a little different. My 10-year-old has had a fabulous teacher this year, Mrs Merryweather. Just perfect for my daughter. And Mrs. M is having a baby this month, so we HAD to make her a quilt.

And we had to use American Jane because it’s so cute and school-teacher-ish.

And this time, my daughter really wanted to be the one who pieced it, so she did! I was really proud of her. We stuck to really simple strips and I kind of just let her go at it. Hindsight, I probably should have given a little more supervision because we had a serious parallelogram when she was done, but we did some trimming, put on some borders that helped square things up and then Sherrie the quilter did some serious magic to pull it all together.
The baby shower was last Friday afternoon at the end of the school day so we hurried to get it done in time. I bound the quilt during Womens Conference on Thursday and sewed on the label (the one my daughter really wanted sewn on) a half hour before the shower. And the quilt was a hit. The kids were so funny and cute at the shower and Mrs. Merryweather really loved her quilt!
But in all the fun I completely forgot to take a picture of my daughter with the quilt! Aargh! Her first quilt, and she is not documented with it. I think her teacher got a picture, so we’ll have to try and get a copy.

So there you go. Have a happy weekend! I will be spending a good portion of mine doing weed control. And maybe squeak in starting a new quilt. Oh yes, and celebrating Mother’s Day.


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    How awesome! Kudos to your daughter. My daughter is 5 and can hardly wait to sew. We started a small quilt sewing hand on hand when she was almost 4. We just need to put the backing on. May be this summer. Thanks for the motivation to get that done. It is really fun to see what kids can do!

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    What a wonderful present for your daughters teacher. Especially that your daughter made it for her. It’s starts her on a road of appreciation for teachers and education, and it is big payback for the teacher.

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    It’s so neat to read about your daughter and other quilter’s kids quilting. (Beautiful quilt she made there!) I started quilting when I was 26, and I haven’t met anyone in my area who quilts at that age. I’m starting to think I’m weird, or maybe the other young quilters think that too and are in hiding? :)<br /><br />I wish I would have quilted at 10 yrs old, it’s such a wonderful craft.<br />

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    okay so the talent runs in the family i see. wow! 10 and look what she created! i guess that’s what you get when you have a super talented mom!!

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    Amy, I love the quilt. I can’t wait for my seven year old daughters to be able to sew on the machine with me. They have been doing stitching by hand, but not on the machine. (I’m a little protective of my machine too.) I think it being a little crooked gives it charm. -Calli

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