Thursday, May 21, 2009

Etsy stuff

I wanted to show off a few cute little burpies.
These were a special order from Jessica who bought the dog quilt for her upcoming baby.
It was so fun to play with all the different fabrics and trim!
It almost made me wish I still had someone to spit-up on me.
And here is my little hand model helper.
Still in his pajamas. It was one of those mornings.
Yesterday I also bid a loving farewell to this little quilt who is also going to cozy with a new little baby. I almost couldn't let it go! The comforting fact is that I still plan to make a big one for my daughter. I just LOVE this quilt! I've only got about 6 more kits for this one and then I might have to re-tool it with a few different fabrics. Also, I found more yardage of the original aqua back with red roses, so that is an option once again.
And I only have 2 more I-spy quilts in it's current incarnation. (i.e. - the current American Jane borders, binding, and back.) I may redesign this one too, maybe a smaller size. Not sure. Any suggestions? Until then I will keep stocking the little I-spy packets.

And in squeal-worthy news, So You Think You Can Dance is back tomorrow!! WOO! Although I probably couldn't carry-off most of those outfits (nor would I really want to), I do wish I could get my old, decrepit body to dance again. We occasionally have 'dance parties' at our house to songs from old and new musicals [you know, Newsies, High School Musical 1, Singin' In the Rain, etc], but if I try to dance my kids always plead, "MOM! STOP!" So unfortunately I'm already classified as an old geezer, but my awesome little sister actually auditioned for SYTYCD this year. She is in fact, an actual dancer. So just in case you're like me, you can live vicariously here.

WOOPS! Had the wrong link above. It was late last night when I wrote that and I was half listening to the American Idol finale. The link now actually directs where it is supposed to go.


  1. Okay serisouly, could your stuff get any cuter or more modern? Here is a jelious reader!

  2. I agree with Barbara. Way cute stuff! The little boy will definitely be stylin' with those cute burp clothes. I liked your funny comment about wanting another little one to spit up on you. Ha! Ha! It made me smile.

    You will have someone to spit up on you when you have grandkids. That's the sweet bonus that will come to you one day. You'll love it, too!

    That is sooo EXCITING about SYTYCD! We are definitely FOLLOWERS of the show and we can hardly wait for tonight. That is really exciting about your sister. Did she make any of the cuts? Will she be on the show?

  3. oh no, me dancing is a joke!!
    But, like you, my little sister is a great dancer. She actually teaches dance and studies ballet.

  4. Amy~
    I L-O-V-E the burpies!!!!!!!!! The designs turned out even more adorable than what I had imagined!! Thanks so much!!!!!

  5. The burp cloths are adorable. I would love to just put some of those on a shelf in my baby's room! I too am addicted to SYTYCD, it has been on my calendar for a while now. My kids just laugh at me and say how weird I am whenever I start dancing. The only one who appreciates my dancing abilities is Aria. I think she got some of my dancing genes!

  6. Those burpies are adorable. I have several cousins getting ready to have babies and they would love those! Great job!

  7. I love that you used "cozy" as a verb. I totally spaced SYTYCD. I remembered at 7 and by 8 had totally forgotten. booo.


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