Finally, a quilt!

I’m realizing it has been a little while since I’ve shown actual pictures of a recent quilt.
I love this little boy quilt – my favorite pieces being the Heather Ross Fireflies fabrics including the dogs and the border stripe. The back is more of the tangerine mini-dot. This was another fun quilt to use up more of my orange and blue and brown collection. The quilting was done by a friend, Becky Heslop.
I made this quilt about a month ago a long with a couple of kits for the etsy shop. I had intended to write a post about it linking to the items but they are already gone! They found really nice homes, however, so I am very pleased. In fact, the quilt went to a nursery for a new baby boy and you have to check out his big sister’s room here. So sweet!
Last week I finished a big commission project for a king-size top made up of 6″ squares. It took a while! And I was reminded why I like making baby quilts so much. A much faster turn-around time! You get to move on to the next project/idea/pile of fabric so much quicker. So more baby quilt pictures to come this week!


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    I really love your fun colors and love the extra border around the squares. It adds that little extra touch. I look forward to seeing more quilts this week.

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    This is a wonderful quilt…love the browns! And I just went over to the other blog…what an amazing room…thanks for sharing the link!

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    What a lovely quilt…I love the colors and the squares. The bubble quilting is wonderful and so perfect for the quilt to soften all the squares. Thanks for sharing!

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    Ooh, I love the colors, they look so retro. Adorable! You must be so busy! I’ll have to drop by sometime and see these beautiful quilts and fabrics in person. :)

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    Amy, <br />I must say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sweet quilt and I know my soon-to-be-here Hudson will love it too. The colors, design, quilting – it is all amazing, but the one thing you can’t get from the pics is how amazingly SOFT this quilt is!!! As I mentioned before, it is perfect in his nursery and was the "missing link" to the room’s design. Hopefully soon I’ll have pictures of his

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