Five things that made my day yesterday

1. Real spring weather.

2. Wearing flip-flops.

3. No soccer double header. (Don’t get me wrong, I really like some soccer nights. We pack dinner and eat at the games. Especially when it’s nice like it was in these pictures last week and I’m not constantly chasing my boys or trying to keep us warm in the bitter wind/rain. But I’m also kind of relieved when soccer season is over. It takes a lot of time. And energy. And I’m not even playing.)

4. Looking out the window to see my 7-year-old daughter wearing pink sunglasses, carrying a pink umbrella and throwing a bouquet of lilacs over her shoulder bride-style to her friend behind her. Laughed out loud. (I hope I always remember those moments.)

5. When my 3-year-old used the potty FOUR times in one day! Especially considering yesterday was the first time he ever used the potty.
The thing that did not make my day:

1. The snake was back.


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    that is hilarious with your 2nd oldest! how cute!!!! i can totally picture it. good job on the youngest’s accomplishment! and so sorry about the snake!

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    Your pictures are beautiful! I can’t imagine having those mountains as a backdrop everyday – amazing! Spring is slow to show here in Minnesota too…soon!

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    I am really enjoying your site. And I hear you about the soccer season. It’s a good thing it’s broken down into two short seasons.<br />I would love to know your favorite fabric shop in Utah.

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    It’s always wonderful to look for the good in every day. Children just do it automatically. We can learn so much from them.

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