Giveaway Day!

Were you aware that today is Giveaway Day, thanks to Sew, Mama Sew ? Woo-hoo! This is my first time participating and I am SO excited.

So I have a little something I’d like to giveaway:
A charm pack of Arcadia by Sanae for Moda. Yummy stuff.
I have a left-over Charm Pack from making this quilt for some lucky, randomly-drawn commenter.

Just leave a comment, and if you want, leave a link to your favorite sewing/quilting project. I’d love to see them! This giveaway is open until Monday May 31 at Midnight MDST.


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    Oh, what a great charm pack. I’m in love with charm packs right now. I have so many ideas in my head right now of patterns I would love to design, but it seems that the quilt stores near me haven’t gotten into the charm pack fad yet. <br /><br />My most recent, favorite quilting project was the bento box top that I just made… I had been dying to make one.

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    Lovely colors! Your’s is the first of the Giveaway Day that I sign up for….Thanks for participating. I joined the oldredbarn sew along; so that’s my latest project going. Got all my strips cut; using batiks and I’m only using stash…no going out buying new stuff!

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    Hi Amy! I’d love to enter you’re giveaway. What a fun idea but, I missed the boat on this one. Maybe next time.

  4. Paula says

    The fabric is lovely, thanks for the giveaway! I especially enjoy the projects at Moda Bake Shop, they are all great.<br />ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

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    I love reading your blog and seeing what you have been up to. That quilt is lovely and the charm pack would look nice in my sewing room:) Thanks for such a great giveaway.

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    Gorgeous! I would love that in my stash. I just figured out that you live in my neck of the woods – so hello from a local! :)

  7. Cassie says

    I’ve been meaning to buy some Arcadia ever since I saw your quilt. Would love to attempt something like it.

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    I love that fabric, but even more I love the quilt kit I just received from my etsy order from you. How much I needed that break in designing – I just sat down and pieced it together, and it looks so cute! Please keep me on your list to notify when you make more quilt kits to sell! :)

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    That fabric is beautiful but not NEARLY as beautiful as that quilt you made with it. Wow. Stunning!<br /><br />Love your blog!!!!<br /><br />:)

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    I love Arcadia! My most recent sewing project was the barcelona skirt and my most recent quilt (still not finished) is a mixtape quilt in Lizzy Dish. You can see both on my blog.

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    Beautiful fabric and fantastic quilt… I just began my first quilt in May and am looking forward to trying some new patterns. Crossing my fingers…

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    well..i don’t really know what to say except….i’m loving it….i love the fabrics…i love all my projects ..just drop by at….i’m keeping my fingers and toes cross….

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    whoo hoo pick me please. Don’t you just love all of us hounding your page for free stuff LOL. <br />Stop by mine to if you would like to .

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    Thanks for a chance to win such great fabric! Check out my blog to see my sewing projects. My favorite project of the moment is the nightgown I have under construction for my daughter.

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    Wow! I love that fabric line and have hardly and of it. A charm pack would be the best to get to know the whole line! Thanks for the generous giveaway!! I’d definitely use it for a quilt but I have a hard time pointing out a fav. project since I’m just always improv piecing!

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    That quilt pretty much took my breath away! Beautiful! I’d like to try my hand at a baby quilt (I am new to quilting, but have a mother in law who can help me get there…<br /><br />Or there is always applique…

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    Oh wow, I love that fabric. I would just have to decide whether to give it to my mom, the experienced quilter, or keep it myself to try my very first one!

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    Oh, this fabric is lovely. I adore the color combos! My favorite sewing projects are pretty much anything by Amy Butler. I LOVE the Birdie Sling purse pattern so much that I’ve made about 6 of them as gifts :-) Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I didn’t know this pack by moda, it’s so beautiful!<br />What an incredible Quilt! I wish I could do one like this. It’s a must-to-do challenge for me.<br />Thanks for this giveaway!

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    Your quilt is lovely! I don’t have just one favorite project, unfortunately I have a lot of favorites, so I have a lot of UFO’s!! Please enter me in your giveaway!

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    I LOVE THIS FABRIC!! lol. i’m actually planning a quilt for my husband’s recliner that incorporates these!!! it’s so hard to find masculine fabric, and this is perfect. i don’t have a link right now, but i hope i can still be entered!! thanks!!

  22. Andi says

    Very nice! I’m a new quilter and always love seeing fresh, modern quilts like yours. Hope to win!<br /><br />Andi

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    What a beautiful quilt! I’m loving all the improv quilting out there these days. And that fabric is stellar. thanks for participating in giveaway day!

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    Oh, what gorgeous fabric! <br /><br />I only started quilting in December of last year, so all my projects are so new and exciting they’re all my favorite!

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    Amy – I am SO glad you posted that quilt. I knew I saw it somewhere but forgot to bookmark it. I am using yours as an inspiration (aka completely copying you) for one made from some Far Far Away I just bought. Hope you don’t mind! : )

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    I’d love to enter. I’m sorry not to have a link to a favourite, but I’m really bad at choosing favourites.<br /><br />ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

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    That quilt is beautiful! The fabric you used is gorgeous. I’m hoping to make my first quilt this summer. I hope it turns out too, because I don’t want the fabric I bought for it to get ruined.

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    Your quilt is beautiful! I am just a sewing beginner (had my machine for less than a year) and have not done any quilting yet. I’d like to make a patchwork duvet cover as a graduation present for my cousin. She just finished at the US Coast Guard Academy, and will be stationed in Kodiak, Alaska for the next two years. She will finally have her own place (they dorm all four years at the academy),

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    WOW great fabrics and a beautiful quilt. I have just joined my first quilt-along with OldRedBarn and am having such fun! Thanks for the chance to win

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    How lovely – when you first posted that inspiring quilt, I went on a hunt for some of that Arcadia fabric – a charm pack would be a great addition!

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    Oh I have been wanting that line of fabric – a charm would be GREAT! I want to make a wedding gift tablerunner with it. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL! What pattern did you use?

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    WOW. Those are such pretty colors of nice that you have some to spare/share with a lucky winner!<br /><br />My favorite projects are recycled clothes.. I love leethal’s blog / shop / zine / etc. I’m currently working on skirts inspired by her, especially this post

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    Lovely Lovely quilt! I can’t wait to start on an Arcadia quilt… that is after I finish my other three in process! Thanks

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    i love the arcadia fabric! i also like the chenille blanket tutorial at craftapple.wordpress. could use a quilt topper with this or a larger version for a throw. Also, i love your blog &amp; recent contributions to designmom. Your creativity is an inspiration!

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    Ooh, that fabric is gorgeous. I started stitching together my babys quilt last night and am already dreaming of the next one… perhaps this charm pack would be a good start!<br /><br />Count me in! Thanks

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    thanks for the opportunity to get my hands on these cute fabrics! if you’re intereste,d i have all my hand-done quilts in the gallery of my webpage.<br />cheers!

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    What a beautiful quilt you just finished! Oh, I’ve just got to back into quilting!! <br />Thanks for the give-a-way!

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    Great fabric! I’m brand spanking new to sewing so I don’t have any good links yet. Your quilt is gorgeous!<br /><br />

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    I love the colors in this fabric. Your quilt looks great!<br /><br />I have not done any quilting as of yet, but that is on my list of "some day"

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    The quilt you made with these fabrics is amazing! I love the color combination and that you used all precut peices. I’m so glad I found you during this give away, you’ll be one of my regular reads now!

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    That quilt is awesome! I’d love to make a smaller one of that fabric to hang on my wall. The colors look perfect!

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    Oh that is some gorgeous fabric!<br /><br />I wish I was good enough to make that quilt too.<br /><br />Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.

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    Arcadia is my new favorite fabric! I love the elephant quilt from house on hill road.<br />nforgue(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I love your blog already so I’m thrilled for a chance to win some cute fabric :)<br /><br />If you have time, check out my projects at<br /><br />

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    I just discovered these little packs of heaven and am so excited. Also jealous you have the patience to do a quilt like that. Great job.

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    wow that’s a lot of comments! I am fairly new to quilting so erevy little bit helps to build my stash! Thanks for hosting this contest (I’m a big Moda fan!)

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    Love that arcadia fabric and love your quilt – beautiful! I’m currently working on my first quilt top (see older posts on my blog) which I’m enjoying, probably the first of many quilts!

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    thanks for particpating in the giveaway, I’s like a shot at winning!<br />all I ever did in quilting were skirts for my daugthers… they are great!<br />thanks,<br />Michal

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    Wow. That quilt is brilliant! I so admire people who actually finish things! I am yet to finish a patchwork piece, but maybe one day! That charm pack could certainly help 😉

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    Wow, you have alot of comments. I just did a giveaway and only got 90 all together…hummmm…Love the fabrics…I like to do small projects sometimes…so see something finished fast.

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    this is an incredible giveaway as all the comments attest! I cannot believe how many people have entered! <br /><br />Your quilt is gorgeous, btw! if you had described those colors, i would never have guessed it would be so beautiful.<br /><br />i am <I>very</I> new to sewing but <A>(click) here</A> is one of my first projects

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    Oooh what a gorgeous and generous giveaway!! Please enter me into the draw. <br /><br />I don’t have a favourite project as they are all my favourites at one time or another 😉

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    You have made some lovely quilts. One day I hope to be as skilled as you. I only just started and have made one quilt and several outfits for my daughter. More importantly I’m becoming a fabric addict!

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    Nice quilt. Would love to win the fabric. <br /><br /> – great sewing for others site. Just completed dolls for orphans.

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    I made a coin quilt for my sister. I haven’t blogged about it yet, because I haven’t given it to her yet. Check back in a few weeks to see the final product!

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    I’m on flickr as ‘momtooandz’. Check out my projects. I’m not sure which one is my favourite. I think my boys’ pjs. I’d love to play with those fabrics. Count me in!

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    I would as a beginner quilter love to win this. You probably have more than enough suggestions of projects already, so I won’t link my favorit :-)<br />You can contact me via a comment on my blog or the email provided there.

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    I’m actually in the middle of using Arcadia for a quilt for my high school best friend who is getting married. I really love how you used it (bit different from my pattern) and I could actually use another charm pack to complete this!

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    That quilt is so beautiful! I don’t quilt yet, but I am itching to try my hand at one for our bed. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

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    What a great giveaway! I am away from my own computer so don’t have the link, but googling will find it: Old Red Barn Co is doing a fantastic quilt along, and she’s also giving away prizes as she goes! It looks like it will be a great quilt for beginners, too. Thanks for the chance at winning your giveaway.

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    I love that collection! I’m not blogging my sewing right now, so I can can’t give you any links! but your quilt is FABULOUS!

  62. says

    Arcadia! I’ve been eyeing this fabric for weeks. Painted the bedroom orange–yep, orange–this January, and the colors in this collection would make a perfect bed quilt.<br /><br />My most accomplished project (though maybe not my favorite)? A still-in-process scrappy kaleideocope quilt for my brand new niece.

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    Um, aside from loving this fabric, could you PLEASE post a little something on that quilt? <br /><br />(or maybe you already did? I am off to scour your blog)<br /><br />I MUST HAVE THAT PATTERN!!

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    Beautiful quilt! I just made my first one but I didn’t hand sew the binding. I really want to make a little quilt for my best friend’s baby. That fabric is great!

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    Wow, I’m commenter #508. So, the chances of winning are pretty slim, but oh how I’d love to win!!!<br /><br />Christina<br />

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    holy moly! what beautiful stuff! glad to know someone is making such good use of their time (geez, she says in chagrin…) <br />thanks for making beauty. <br />

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    Thank you for the givaway. I’m still pretty new to quilting so I don’t have any pictures to share yet but I hope you see some cute things!<br /><br />Kristin (P)

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    That’s lovely fabric! I’ve only recently gotten into sewing, so there are no posted projects yet, but you can see my knitting escapades at:

  69. gina says

    I love the fabric and the quilt. Just lovely.<br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway<br /><br />geennalee @ aol dot com

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    i would love to win and make a nice lap quilt for my mother in law in utah! we live so far away (in virginia)! thanks for the chance to win.

  71. says

    I’m one of those ones who hasn’t attempted to make a quilt yet. But I think this year is the year! I’m going to figure it out with a doll size quilt first and work my way up!

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    That quilt is awesome. I think it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve seen in a long time. Did that just come out of your head, or did you have a pattern. <br /><br />I hope you’ll pick me. :) I need fabric.

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    wow i missed this collection! it’s beautiful! I love the quilt you made of it too!!

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    I Love that fabric and I love that quilt!! You wouldn’t by any chance have a pattern for that beautiful quilt would Ya? I am working on the quilt along with old red barn co

  75. Cindy says

    Oh, I love this fabric too! I’m also into the charm packs – so many projects to do with them! :) Thanks for the chance to win! <br /><br />

  76. says

    Sadly, I don’t have any pics of my current sewing project, but it is a kimono top for guys.<br /><br />I love those fabrics! 😀

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    Some of the squares in that charm pack would look so stunning in a quilt that I am working on for my sons 8th birthday in August. Corss my fingers and hope to win, thanks.<br />