I won something!

A few weeks ago Moda Lissa had a contest on her blog to guess the number of pieces in a quilt she made for McCall’s Quilting Magazine. So I guessed (did some minor estimating) and I won! I was only two pieces off. How’s that for crazy? And she sent me all of her left over pieces and partial pieced blocks, plus a copy of the magazine. It’s a ton of fabric all pre-cut into 1 1/2″ strips, and I’m SO excited. Thanks again, Lissa. I think I might just go ahead and make the same quilt because I think its so cool. I love strippy quilts and log cabins definitely fall into that category.I’m also just so happy it arrived! I think the mail man is stealing some of my stuff. I know of three different people who asked for my address to send me something and and it hasn’t come. And they were cool things too. I’m in such a quandary. I don’t want the person to think I wasn’t grateful for their kindness in sending something because I never said thank you (because it never came so I don’t even know what it was). But at the same time I don’t want to put them in an awkward position or sound like a total dork by saying “Hey, where’s my cool stuff?” if they didn’t send it for some reason. What to do?

If you’re wishing you could be at Market this week or you’d like to get more of your fill of Moda check-out this video about how Moda produces their fabric. (Reminds me of those segments on Mr. Rogers where we’d watch how crayons were made on picture-picture. I loved those.) And watch for Lissa– she’s on there too! There’s also links to footage from the last two International Quilt Markets.


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    Very nice prize and great estimating! If you truly suspect that your packages have gone missing you might want to verify that they were sent…just in case :O)

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    Isn’t it fun to win blog giveaways?!?! Another reason to love those mommy bloggers! Thanks for the vote of confidence on the pizza dough, maybe I’ll gather the courage one weekend :)

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