Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Make It Do

Let me introduce you to a new-to-me blog called "Make It Do" from Calli. And some of her wonderful pictures.
I love the overall concept of this blog, in her own words: "using things you have and being resourceful to make wonderful things... and make life sweet."

Doesn't it feel good to use what you've already got? I mean, isn't that why some of us quilters can't throw away our scraps? Because we know there are so many possibilities in those scraps!
I took many of my first quilting classes from Calli's mom, Leslie Isom who is phenomenal. And clearly Calli inherited a lot of that talent. She has some great ideas for ways to use what you've already got on hand to grow and make good food, clean your house, and fashionably outfit your kids. Check her out!


Nedra said...

Another friend just sent me over to Cali's blog a few days ago. She has some wonderful ideas. I've taken many classes from Leslie and Norma too. They are true inspirations.

Jackie said...

Thanks so much for the link. I popped on over and her blog looks fantastic. Great ideas!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That is so funny. As soon as I saw the name of your post I thought "She needs to meet Calli" haha. Then it was ABOUT Calli. She's a fabulous gal. And she lives nearly in my neighborhood. And her mom is one amazing lady.

The Quilt Buddy said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the title of her blog!

cathleen said...

Pretty quilt...and OUCH on that sunburn!