One of those nights

So last Thursday I got a bunch of borders cut and sewn on the Amy Butler squares. I was feeling so productive. After the kids were in bed that night I picked them up to press them and gasped with horror as I realized two things:

1. My iron had died. The lights were still lit but it was not heating up. This is the THIRD Black and Decker iron that has done this the past 3 years. The first two I had replaced by B&D because I’d had them such a short amount of time. (This involves a crazy story for another day.) So by the time I got this one I’ve been extra careful with it – only plugged it in a surge protector, etc. Has anyone else had this problem??

2. Then I realized that the outer borders on these blocks were a different shade of white! (I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture or not.) I hadn’t noticed it in the bright daylight, but in the evening it was glaringly apparent. And since I was making this for the store where I work, there was no way I could leave it. So, out came the seam-ripper. So much for being productive.


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    oh, that stinks! Yes, you can tell that those are 2 different whites. : (<br /><br />I have a Rowenta iron that is at least 7 yrs old – I highly recommend it. It is a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it if it lasts so long.

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    Don’t you hate that? I’ll be sewing along and I’m like "hey, this is going really easy" then I realize something is totally messed up.

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    Oh no, but I like the two different whites. The same thing happened to me when I made my wonky log cabin quilt and I just left it like that.

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    I did the same thing a couple of months ago…somehow some Kona snow got mixed in with Kona white…and so I had to spend an hour with the seam ripper taking several pieces out and replacing them! It’s so frustrating to make those kind of mistakes!

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    There must have been something in the air because my iron went out on Thursday too! I can&#39;t live without my iron. We have all been wrinkled and no projects are getting done in the mean time. <br /><br />I was thinking of getting the Rowenta from Costco. It&#39;s funny that Consumer Reports likes the B &amp; D and gives it high marks for durability.

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    I’m so sorry to hear that Amy! I hate unpicking, but I sure spend a ot of time doing it. :)<br /><br />I got a rowenta iron on sale at Target and love it! It is so much better than the other irons I’ve had. I think costco has one in stock for about $50 right now.

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    Oh Amy, I am so sorry! What a pain to have to unpick all of that. I bought a Rowenta iron a while back and it has worked like a dream for me. It was a little bit more money but it has been worth it.

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