Weekend update

I am happy to report the fact that it was a very productive weekend at our house. I didn’t get everything I dreamed of accomplishing (or starting) done, but I made significant progress.

The Amy Butler top is almost done – just need to add the borders, then it’s off to be quilted! So pleased with this one! You never quite know if the idea you have in your head is actually going to look good in real life.

Also ready for the quilters, the airplane quilt top for my daughter’s teacher. I’ll post finished pictures of that one this week.

The binding tutorial is almost ready. Planning to go live with it tomorrow evening.

I am also happy to report that major weed control was accomplished (cheerfully even) not to mention garage swept, annuals purchased and planted with my little side kicks, and green, snow-capped mountains visited. Today we hiked in to a lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon with our cousins. What a perfect day!

And fortunately my 5-year-old brought his foam sword with him, just in case.


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    You know the saying "walk softly and carry a big stick", I think he took that literally. So cute! The quilts are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the airplane quilt.

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    I love that quilt! It reminds me of the smoothed pieces of sea glass that my Dad and I would find on the beach. <br />And boys never outgrow the whole sword fascination. My 10 year old has a plastic Star Wars light saber. That thing goes everywhere!

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    Amy,<br />Please oh please! I want to know how many blocks you used in the Amy Butler quilt and what finished size were they? I’m thinking that pattern might just be Perfect for a stack that’s been staring at me… <br /><br />Thanks for sharing (I hope!)…

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    Wow! What a list. I went away with my Hubby and got nothing done! <br /><br />Just so you know the libraries around here have a great downloadable books on tape. It’s called overdrive.com. That’s what I use. I know your library is on there too!

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    I love it when at least someone can make progress. I did some work on weed control, too…such a nasty job but is rewarding to look at the end product! Have a great week!

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