The other Shop Hop quilt

Here is the other quilt made for this Shop Hop. This fabric has been out for about 9 months, but since we haven’t made anything, it’s just been sitting around the shop. An actual quilt always moves fabric. So here it is.
This quilt was inspired by a quilt in the June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. Only that quilt had little blue pieced stars forming an Irish Chain. I chose to just use solid blocks instead of making 25! 4″ stars. Works for me.
It’s really the border fabric that makes this quilt work. I love that scalloped print. It makes the quilt look like an old fashioned handkerchief. And do you like my mitered corner? I’m shocked and amazed that I did it! I used Amy’s tutorial. [Thanks, Amy!]

And do you also like the fact that the quilt is not even bound when I took the picture? That is my project right now while I watch the pre-recorded SYTYCD (so you think you can dance) as well as finish assembling the kits. Then I think I can catch my breath. Thanks again for your encouragement and kind comments. Happy Thursday!


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    Just gorgeous! I love love LOVE the border fabric! Gosh, if I lived close to your quilt shop, I'd snap up a kit in a heartbeat. It's a beautiful quilt.

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    That is just beautiful…looks like an antique, the colors are soooo rich. I guess I really need to finish the couple of quilt kits I bought years and years ago and then I can start on something new an fresh…but….I refuse to start something new when I have these other ones in my fabric closet!:) Thanks again for all the wonderful inspiration.

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    lovely!!! i saw this quilt in the magazine and i like it (i have those fabrics too) but yours is great!!! love the corners!!! you did a perfect job. hermoso!

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    Beautiful! It looks like it could be a vintage quilt. I love the soft colors. I was hemming and sewing on cub scout patches while I watched SYTYCD last night. Who was your favorite. I love Randi and Evan, they are so spunky, but I think my favorite dance last night might have been Karla and Jonathan.

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    Beautiful quilt!<br /><br />Just saw your post on your new Rowenta. I, too, found a great deal on a Rowenta at Tuesday Morning about a year and a half ago–it broke-leaks water out the bottom of the iron if I fill it more than an inch. When it spit all over my son-in-law&#39;s dress shirt, being ironed for a wedding he was performing, decided to get a new iron and retire the so called great

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    Great sample! That border fabric IS so pretty :) I won&#39;t be down for any shop hopping – I hope you have fun, and come home with lots of ideas! <br /><br />We should plan something while schools out . . .

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    This one is just lovely!! I come by often but don&#39;t remember if I have commented. I really do enjoy seeing all the beautiful quilts you have made. Thanks for sharing. I live in Virginia and after seeing so many quilters in blog land from the west I would love to visit out your way. :)

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