Well, I have to apologize for sounding like such a drama queen in that last post. When I say I have to make three quilts you have to understand (and I never really explain this part) that I don’t have to do the actual quilting if I’m making them for the store. I just piece, drop them off to be quilted, and then I bind. That significantly eliminates a lot of work.

Also, I realized today that the world will not end if I don’t have all three done by Wednesday. Nor will the shop hop. Fabric and kits sell other weeks of the year as well, so we’ll just see what gets done and not stress about the rest. (Thank you for the encouraging words, kind offers to help, and reminders to breathe.)
And progress is happening! Look how cute the American Jane hexagons turned out! This is just the pieced top. In a very dark picture. (We have had Seattle-type weather for the past week. I have other stuff I want to take pictures of, but I can’t take it outside!) I will post better pictures of the finished quilt next week. It’s kind of wild, but very charming.

Kits are being assembled. Slowly, but surely.

And these are blocks from the other elusive quilt that I keep not having pictures of. This is the quilt that might not have kits pulled together by Wednesday. And that’s. Okay.

And just so you don’t have a misconception, my boys don’t always say charming British phrases to each other. They’re also very adept at pushing the little-boy-vocabulary envelope. Right now the 5-year-old’s favorite word in this category is “stink” and the 3-year-old’s is “poopy.” I think that one has to do with the fact that we are finishing potty-training around here. And this child has been the potty-training poster child, bless his little potty-trained heart. And for that reason, I can put up with the off-color, descriptive language.


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    The American Jane pattern is called "Merry Go Round" by Sandy Klop. It's on my to-do list too. Your's turned out wonderful.

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    The quilt top is gorgeous! I have that pattern and it is also on my to do list. Those strips just look yummy laying there like that. By the way, the little boy vocabulary doesn't necessarily stop at an early age, at least in this house teens are not exempt.

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