The tale of an iron

I finally got a new iron. My brilliant mother found a great Rowenta at Tuesday Morning, of all places. So there you go, give it a try, if you’re in need. Way cheaper that Costco or JoAnn’s. Another option might by Macy’s. They have sales and coupons all the time, which you can actually use on irons as opposed to certain large fabric retailers.

I’ve been borrowing the iron behind it from the store where I work. That iron and I have a history, which I’ll share briefly.

My first iron was a Rowenta which my mom gave to me for a wedding present that lasted about 9 years. When it died, I bought a decent Black and Decker at Target. Which died less than a year later! I was in the middle of many projects, so I ran to the store where I work and borrowed one there so I could keep sewing.

So I called B&D, spent a while on the phone with their customer service during which they promised to send me a new iron. I thought, “okay, that’s not so bad.” All they asked was for me to pay the shipping for the new iron and for me to cut off the plug end of the cord and mail it to them to prove that I wasn’t just scamming a new iron from them.

So I hurriedly cut the plug off, packaged it up and stuck it in my mail box and went back to sewing, only to discover I had cut the plug off the iron I borrowed from work, not my defective iron. Oh my goodness, I felt SO stupid.

Fortunately all ended well eventually. I borrowed my neighbor’s iron for a few days (which she gladly lent because she hates to iron), I took the store’s iron to an appliance repair place and they put a new plug on the end of the severed cord, and my new B&D iron arrived a week or so later. And then stopped working a few months later, at which point we repeated the process (minus cutting off the wrong cord), got a 3rd B&D iron in less than 2 years and this is the iron that gave out a few weeks ago.

So lessons to be learned:

Do not cut off the plugs off other people’s irons.

Buy a good iron.

It sometimes comes in handy to have neighbors who hate ironing.
On another subject, I’m loving these little Snippets pieced hexagons. Now I’m off to make more!


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    You are on a roll this week – I am hysterical! I can imagine the look on your face after discovering you cut the wrong cord…<br /><br />Cute hexs!

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    I have had bad luck with Black and Deckers (I finally learned to save the Target receipt because you can bring them back in 90 days if they stop working before that), but I have heard such bad things about Rowentas leaking. What model do you have? <br /><br />P.S. It&#39;s kind of funny that you cut off the wrong cord – but I bet it wasn&#39;t very funny when it happened. Yikes!

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    I bought a Rowenta Iron about a year ago. I just happened to see it in the Big Lots circular for $19.99. I saw one today just like it at JoAnns for $59.99. What a bargain! And it works great! It leaked a little the first few times I used it, but since then, no leaks at all.<br /><br />All the irons I used before were the cheaper models you could get at Walmart and I wasn&#39;t too concerned

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    My Rowenta leaks…..I dropped it about a month after my lovely mother-in-law gave it to me!;) But it still works…just get drips here and there…no worries!

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    Those hexagons are sweet! <br /><br />Hey, I need a new iron too… the wedding gift of 13 years ago is about done! Hmmm… would you like my old cord?<br /><br />;)

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    Very sad &quot;Tales of the Irons&quot;! Amusingly enough, I&#39;ve had the same B&amp;D for 18 years and it&#39;s still working great. You&#39;ve definitely had the B&amp;D-jinx though!<br /><br />So I&#39;ve <i>very</i> curious to see how these lovely snippet hexagons end up… sew faster, sew faster! LOL! :-)<br /><br />Thanks for sharing so much inspiration!

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    What a crazy iron story, I really enjoyed it. My husband bought me a Rowenta about 2 years ago and it is doing great! I love it. He also bought the heavy duty Rowenta ironing board to go with it and it is the best. I will never go back to anything else. Beautiful blocks! Love that Snippets!

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    Woes of the Iron…we&#39;ve all had them for sure. I&#39;m leary of any and all iron brands. I had a friend owned a quilt shop and offered Rowenta. She discontined because problems. Customers would be upset that they had to go through Rowenta for repairs etc. It is good to read and hear some positives for sure!! I can&#39;t even say how many irons I&#39;ve gone through. My DH has his own

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    Love the snippets hexagons…and the iron story…I can&#39;t believe you cut the cord off of the store iron…at least you can laugh about it now!

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    I feel so invested in your iron saga… having sent you on a wild goose chase for part of it. Congratulations on the new Rowenta… I hope it has a happy life helping to create many a lovely project.

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    I second Sunshine&#39;s comment, you are a good storyteller. This made me laugh out loud because I can picture myself doing the exact same thing. In fact, you probably saved me from cutting the cord off of someone else&#39;s iron in the future. I read it to my husband and he chuckled, too. <br />Love your blog!

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    i love this post! we have 3 irons in my house… i didn&#39;t purchase ANY of them… long stories with all of them but i defiantly love that i have more than one because there has been many times when i needed it!

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    Funny and sad story. I&#39;m glad that it all worked out. I just bought a new Oliso and I love, love, love it. My Rowenta kept shutting off and I couldn&#39;t get it to turn back on. = ( .

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