A whole lot of quilty craziness goin’ on

I apologize for a boring blog post. But here is what’s happening. Remember these projects that I’m making for the store where I work? Well, the store is part of a shop-hop that starts next Wednesday. As in a week from tomorrow! And I need to finish *three* quilts by then. And cut the kits. And write the pattern instructions on a couple of them. Gulp. Time to ‘sew like the wind‘ again. And cut like the wind too.
So these lovely piles of fabric are ready to be chopped-up and assembled. The pile of Snippets fabric at the top is for the hexagon quilt. (Making steady progress.) The pile above is for the Amy Butler quilt kits. (Finished and quilted, just waiting for the binding fabric to show up at the store so I can use it. We ordered a turquoise Amy Butler solid. Hopefully it will look good!) Below is fabric for more Robots kits for the store. More to come on that one. And I have no photos once again of the Cottage Romance quilt. Well, they’ll show-up eventually.
My poor little etsy store is kind of feeling sad and empty, but never fear, plans are in the works and supplies are on the way. I have a couple of fun things in the works for etsy this summer as well.

In the mean time, we are surviving summer. Everything is going better than I would have expected. A little more bickering and arguing today, but we’re going on an outing tomorrow, so hopefully that will help. Hopefully.

Also, my 5-year-old has started calling his brother, “old chat” out of the blue. (I think he means chap.) As in, “Why are you playing with my firetruck, old chat?” Not sure where it came from, but I’m kind of enjoying it.


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    I get to come and do Shop Hop this year. Yeah! I&#39;m not sure if our group will make it to your store or not, but if we do, I will look for your quilts. <br />Don&#39;t overdo it!

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    Wow, now that is awe-inspiriting. I&#39;m struggling just to sewing tog my lil &#39;ol strips for the oldredbarco quiltalong. U must never sleep 😉 BTW, on one of those sleepless nights, please restock the vintage I spy quilt kit. I&#39;d love to make one for my baby cousin for x-mas. Ur kits are just the cutest, with the best fussy cuts!

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    Hi Amy! I love &quot;Old Chat.&quot; I&#39;ve been having fun looking through your posts. (Not that I&#39;ve gotten too far into the older ones…but I made some progress.) This is a great blog! But I must confess that I enjoy the family posts most. 😉 (Not that I don&#39;t think sewing and quilting aren&#39;t cool – or even that I don&#39;t aspire to some sewing occasionally – like right now I

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    I think we are in the same boat, and don&#39;t even know it. I am a machine quilter and have seven quilts to quilt, and get back to the quilters to hang up in Gracie Lou&#39;s for the same shop hop. Why am I on the computer?

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    Love the &quot;old chat&quot; story! Good luck with the sewing! It seems that you always do sew like the wind, so I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll finish everything with time to spare!

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    Amy! If you get desperate, give me a call and I can help cut/sort/press/sew/edit/babysit. Though not all at once.<br /><br />Old chap, eh? Does he watch Leapfrog&#39;s Letter Factory? Because they say that in the T room.

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    Oh my gosh Amy. I feel sorry for you. Pipers has my dress quilt and one of my bags. I had to copy lots of patterns for them and I just got them up to them Tuesday. A week late I might add. They wanted them before that. I hope that doesn&#39;t mean I have crappy wall space. Oh well. It is going to be fun to see what all the stores are doing. I&#39;m sorry that you are piled up. I see no

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