Attention Utah Quilters

This weekend at American Quilting in Orem (426 W. 800 North) is the annual summer sidewalk clearance sale. Friday and Saturday. This is the time of the year that we clean out all our kit scraps, yardage remnants, clearance bolts, etc. People have been known to get really good deals.

If you’re in Utah County today, there is also an awesome Quilt Fair at the Eldred Center in Provo (500 North and about 300 Westish). A quilt show and lots of vendors. I think it goes until 3:00. I love going to this event every summer, (but won’t make it today – we’re visiting my cosmopolitan 1-year-old niece and her parents who are in Salt Lake while enroute from Manhattan to their new home in LA.)

It was going to this very event 6 years ago that I first discovered American Quilting. A week later I found the little store in it’s old location (I was so excited to finally have a cute quilt shop in my town!) And for some reason unknown to me even now, I totally stepped out of my comfort zone and asked if they needed someone to work on Saturdays and they said YES! And here I am 6 years later. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this that long. So there you go – your never know what will happen by opening your usually-timid-mouth in a new quilt store.
And just so this post isn’t totally wordy and boring, here’s another (sorry) picture of one of those quilts hanging in front of the store for the shop hop last month. I made this one for the store a few years ago and seeing it again reminded me that I still really like it. It’s made mostly of 19th century reproductions so we called it Farmhouse. I have all the 4-patches pieced and the muslin squares cut. I should just finally sew them all together already! Add it to the list.


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    Whoa…there's a new quilt fabric store in our little town, WebFabrics, guess I need to go in and see if they need any help!:) Wish me luck!!!

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    Hey, I made the farmhouse quilt as well. It drove me a little cross-eyed sewing my rows on a diagonal. It spent several years with my Mom but has since come home with me since her death last year. I pulled it out for July since it's my most red/white/blue quilt.

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    Hi Amy. I just came across your blog on, and have to say, you are my favorite person that works at American Quilting!

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    OH! I LOVE that quilt!! The colors would go perfect in my house, and the pattern is simple but sweet. Thanks for sharing! :)A trek to the store would be as little much from Virginia, but I KNOW it would be worth it. :)

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