Bags, bags and more bags.

Do you like to make bags? I am a recent bag-making convert and I’m hooked. They are one of the many things on my list to make.
And I LOVE free tutorials. This one is the famous Buttercup bag from Made by Rae. I loved it so much, I’ve since bought her pattern for a bigger version.

Well, I recently hit the jackpot for free bag patterns and tutorials:

This wonderful resource collects bag patterns and tutorials from all over the blogosphere into one handy list, complete with pictures and links. I discovered it when they sent me a note to let me know they had included my messenger bag tutorial. I was completely flattered to be held in such good company.Here are a couple that I really want to try:
The Wasp bag by Machen/Machen. I found this one and bookmarked it during the Sew Mama giveaway. I love it!
This one is by Ric Rac – a really stylish, but quick bag. Perfect for gifts!

Also at Ric Rac: this Selvedge bag. Darling.

There are plenty more (tons!) in all shapes and sizes, so have at it!


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    I get compliments on the messenger bag I made from your tutorial allll the time! I just love it!<br />And thanks for the link… more for the to-do list…

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    Thanks so much…I think! I am a bag fiend and although I already have some of these listed on my &quot;to-do&quot; list, I believe I have just found about a half dozen more to try. Truly, Thanks!

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    Love your bags, but holy cow, you certainly did hit the jackpot! What a terrific resource for the bag maker! Thanks for sharing.

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    I&#39;m DEFINATELY bookmarking that site! I had several of the individual sites bookmarked already, because I too, am into making purses…more for my daughters than for myself. THanks!

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    Thanks for the link…I love making bags. If I have extra fabric when I make my daugher a sundress I make her a double drawstring bag. Two Christmas&#39; ago I made over 45 double handle sacks to give to my family for shopping. They were a big hit, especially since they were this shiny black stretchy denium that I bought for $1 a yard!!:)

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    I love those bags. I&#39;ve been wanting to venture into bag making lately. I&#39;ll have to give one of those a try real soon.

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    Just found your blog on google i love your blog and thank you ever so much for the link of bag tutorials its awesome!<br /><br />You never can have too many bags!

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