Finally, a finished quilt.

Drum roll please . . . this quilt is finally finished! It feels like ages ago that I started this one. And I’ve completed a few others since. I had hoped to have this one finished for the Shop Hop, but the fabric we ordered for the binding didn’t show up in time.
I am really pleased with how it turned out. It was fun to make something so scrappy. (I think I say that every time.) I am currently finishing the pattern for the store. I will probably list it in my etsy shop too, if anyone is interested. This design doesn’t require a degree in quantum physics, but sometimes it’s just nice to let someone else do the math, you know?

The backing wasn’t what I would choose if it was for me, but it’s what we had two bolts of at the store and it will sell if people see it on a sample. (We have sold some REALLY ugly fabric that way. It’s amazing how many people think if the ‘professionals’ choose it, it must be the only right choice.)
I had really hoped to get a darker turquoise for the binding, but we just couldn’t find the right thing. So we ordered an Amy Butler solid, knowing it would coordinate with the rest of the quilt. This color is called Mist. Fancy. It creates a more subtle look, but still gives some contrast. I really love that color on it’s own. It reminds me of my grandma- kind of old and vintage-y looking. Would go perfectly with some vintage sheets I’ve been hording.


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    Um, now you have to show the backing. Like, the full backing (not just that eensy glimpse).<br /><br />And speaking of- can I email you about ordering some extra fabric to swap out some patterns in Mr. Roboto? Am crushing on the star fabrics HARD and I wanted to try and make the backing out of them as opposed to the planets….

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    Beautiful! I love that the centers of the squares are different sizes. And I love that backing fabric! It&#39;s one of my favorites from that line! : )

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