More red, white and blue

I fully intended to complete and display this little table-topper and during my first-week-of-July ‘red, white & blue’ extravaganza. But reality hit and it didn’t happen. However, after having this project on my list for 2 years now, I figured I’d just go with the momentum, whether it was past the holiday or not.
This was mostly made from a Moda Charm Pack that came out 2 years ago – I think it was called Nantucket. (Anyone out there want to verify?) I needed about 9 extra 5″ squares and just pulled them from the stash, along with the back and binding.
My favorite quilts are old, scrappy, everything-thrown-in, so I like that this one imitates that category, but works for a summer-patriotic theme too.What I really want to make is something like THIS. (Found here.) With lots of random-everything thrown in. Aack. I would love it.

And guess what? I’ll show you how to make one quick too, if you want. Check back on Friday for a tutorial on hour-glass blocks without having to pre-cut a single triangle. Are you excited or what?!??


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    I love both the quilts in these photos. I think I am making hourglass blocks the way you describe right now – it's really great (and you make two at once!)

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    Oh Amy..I am in LOVE with that little table topper.R,W, and B are just some of my favorites!! The fabrics are just perfect for that little quilt..I bet it would want to spend the rest of its life here in Virginia…with ME! :) LOL

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    Love the red, white and blue quilt! Very nice topper and yes, I think you are right, it is Nantucket. Looking forward to seeing your tutorial.

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    Hi Amy. This is my first attempt to leave a comment. You know I am technically challenged! Love your blog. Keep up the good work and the fun! (This is your AQ pal Sharon BTW)

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