Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still waiting to eat those Dove bars . . .

Last week we pulled out one of our thrifted sheets to make a little summer skirt for my 10-year-old.
Once again, I used the free pattern from Oliver+S, the Lazy Days Skirt. So quick.
This sheet isn't vintage, but I loved the print. And the price!
I've been going through my sheets and cut 4 more FQ bundles. I'm listing them in my shop. I have to announce here that mailing packages may get spotty for a couple of weeks, so if you see something you want to buy, please understand now (and forgive me later) that you might not get a Mr McFeely speedy delivery. If you buy this weekend, I will get them off by Monday. After that, just rest assured your beautiful sheets will be delivered by the next week. Our summer continues to be wild and crazy fun. In a fit of euphoria at the end of the last round of swimming lessons, I signed-up for a second session. This was a major first in the history of the Smart family. The weather and the pool have been awesome. It has also been fun to see the kids progress. And get some good exercise. And get a little cranky because they're tired and because bedtimes have been later, but getting-ups have been just as early. Unfortunately, I'm not getting the exercise I need, just the lack-of-sleep/cranky part.

In other positive developments: last week I took all 4 kids [at the same time!] grocery shopping at Wal-mart and no one was crying when we left, myself included. This is a very positive sign that we might have other food options for dinner besides canned fruit, rice, and ground-up wheat from the food storage by the end of this summer.


  1. really, you got the groceries done and no-one was crying? I think I need you secret!

    So far our summer has been mostly wet. I dream of swimming in an outside pool, but it really is just a dream!

  2. Sounds like your getting some good quailty family time this summer.Your kids will look back as they get older to this summer with found memories.

  3. That is a very cute skirt! And congrats on making it thru the store with all the kids and your sanity in tact. That's a huge summer-time accomplishment!

  4. You are so funny, I love reading your posts, it's like having a little conversation with you. I love the skirt, very cute, very summery. I finished my skirts! I'll get pictures up soon.

  5. Love the skirt, really cute! And to get grocery shopping done with no one crying...that is an event!

    Summer is going so fast, enjoy what's left!

  6. I just printed off the lazy days skirt pattern a few days ago. I was thinking it looked like a nice, easy one to put together quickly!

    i went grocery shopping today with all 4 kids. yuck. not my favorite thing to do.
    my kids were all in fairly decent moods today so shopping went off without a hitch. yeah!!!!
    the nice thing about my boys is that they are old enough to bag the groceries and unload them into the van. makes it easier for me!

  7. Love the skirt! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  8. What a cute skirt....I will have to go over there.

  9. Shopping with all 4 kids!! Wow haven't braved that one for awhile... You deserve a brave Mum award..hehehe! I tend to go either early in the morning or late at night...either time when they are all still in bed!! love the little skirt!

  10. Love the skirt and love the fabric even more. So great!


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